Amber Marquis blog: Overcoming failure and Learn Not to be afraid During battle with cancer

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Amber Marquis, star Real Housewives of new Jersey , this is her second blog about the fight against cancer for PEOPLE. Survival after breast cancer in 2009 hump was that for cancer in the right breast, in the month of April. Marquis update shares over their treatment and how to cope with this second round of deadly disease through prayer, a positive attitude and with the help of their families.
Do not enter floor tirade policy. I just happen to have my hand as Americans and the right to vote. I don’t choose consciously, to discuss, to communicate with other about the differences in political views. To be honest, I mostly trust that I presented, so much of the discussion is fruitless. In addition, I want to wait until we result of the new law. But I feel to Express than my views of politicians decided, by operation of law, directly and negatively affect me, as countless other Americans.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 we invested in two different types of insurance. We were a family, more and more feel I want the best for our family at the moment. If I have a diagnosis of breast cancer, was the emotional devastation and financial support for the family. However, since we were covered by two different insurance companies, most of our expenses, and we had a lot of opportunities. Our oncologist, our surgeon breast as our doctor is a specialist in plastic surgery. Our doctors decided, a treatment plan and was covered. It was still very expensive and we have great success, but at no time does the insurance company accept my decision of treatment.

Amber Marquis of children from Corbin and Isabella

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Now we are here we are again – our worst nightmare. I had a relapse, a relapse of breast cancer. But the difference now is that for protecting patients and Affordable care, also known as Obamacare. Now, in fact, our situation is very different. We were forced to go for affordable health insurance, the transition from Horizon Blue Shield Amerihealth. The old horizon plan “Cadillac” plan Director: Obamacare has become due to its high mobility and flexibility. The horizon plan was developed as Obamacare, became law. Regardless of what my family paid the cover for Cadillac for 15 years prior to my diagnosis or not, we have this plan. With one stroke of the pen, the best protection for cancer patients was replaced with Obamacare. This forced us to choose between starvation and reporting bad network coverage. Medical insurance is optimal, while they are healthy or while you are actually sick. So, without good, we options AmeriHealth insurance Obamacare was born.

Amber Marquis with his daughter Isabella

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AmeriHealth eating less per month, but an increase of 20 percent within two years, and now is worth almost as much as the horizon of our deceased Cadillac plan. The most direct way to each visit, and this expenditure is out of pocket tens of thousands of people. If increased spending were the only issue, I might not have mentioned otherwise, as Obamacare are you hurt financial seriously ill. But the story gets even worse. My oncologist is Dr. Nissen sheet that I treated eight years, eight years, my doctor took me time to know me and my family to know my case and gave me the best care. With my second diagnosis, my history, Nissen sheet recipe for me has made at least one year combination of Herceptin and Pejeta, as well as to try treatment with Zometa, my breast cancer repeat, because it is in accordance with National comprehensive Cancer network policy (NCCN Guidelines). Unfortunately, the insurance refused Zometa front of the door. However, I also went for my Herceptin religion/Perject herbal tea for six months, three weeks. I went to each separate registration, analysis, and my meds make time every day. But shortly before I came to call my seventh dose of Herceptin/Perjeta, Nissen sheet office to inform me that my insurance decided that I don’t need additional treatment. Your group from the nurses of Oncology have reviewed my case and decided AmeriHealth would like to pay my personal oncologist, in accordance with National comprehensive Cancer network rules and do not fall within the scope of my treatment! I can pay out of pocket, save lives with this treatment; however, we are talking about tens of thousands of dollars for one treatment!

Amber Marquis treatment

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Because of this decision to the insurance companies, forced to interrupt my treatment the following day. Dr. Nissen sheet turning now to the process, your decision. At the same time, I am without treatment. I am absolutely shocked and upset that the insurance company that doesn’t know me, or my family can make that critical decision, health and know about the rule to my oncologist that me and trust. All things considered, this company is in such cases? My husband works a lot, pays a generous amount of taxes for the government, the lush pays a lot of money for health insurance, and if I mean health insurance, I will be denied. However, again, directly to the government their nose in our personal Affairs and take more freedoms. At this time, limiting my health. Thank You Nancy Pelosi. Now we know what’s in Obamacare and how they reduce health insurance and how it helps insurance companies, but also applies to women! Sad, as the house of representatives and Obamacare excluded you ever face my situation.

This crazy all this oncologist for Amerihealth is not always in one call with my personal oncologist! We are in the process of the battle, so I’ll keep it all informed, the time to Shine.

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