Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton score a Legion of young fans – 1 goal the ball was at one point

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Seven-year-old goalkeeper Waleski knew exactly what to do if the Carolina Panthers went for the end zone, points-points against the Atlanta Falcons for any technical failure in the month of December.

They ran out of their fourth place in the line for themselves how close the field of the possible, hoping to find “eccentric to the ball.” Cam Newton, Panthers’ defender, with his super bowl debut against the Denver Broncos on Sunday, began the tradition to give the winners of the goals on their last fans of Panther games.

In fact, if Newton had thrown touchdown pass, the receiver is inspired by the leader of the team, the ball went over a gaggle of children. Porter was happy to get your hands on it.

Students of the second class says, “it was really exciting. The feeling was incredible, and my family was so happy.”

It’s just one of those things that you have won the respect of the 26-year-old winner of the Heisman trophy Carolina fans.

Porter was caught by television cameras, goal ball

“He’s a good man,” said porter’s mother Josie. “He has a bad reputation because of bullshit. This is an interesting and talented, and he did a lot of good for many people in the community. He is a very good man.”

The rest of the country was a little slower to rate Newton-on game day – the concept – often dancing, ribbons, shooting photos, and lots from ear to ear.

Newton and coach Ron Rivera will tell you that it was different – on and off the playing field, since a car accident in December 2014.

As the defender went towards the stadium to see more pictures of the game that day, when the driver crashed into his car.

1998 Dodge was Newton suffered multiple fractures in the lumbar region of the back. Immediately after the incident, he told reporters: “I look at this truck, and I’m like, ‘Someone should be dead” and I can’t stop smiling, because this is how God had his hands all over me.”

Cam Newton, pictured, has a tradition of presenting a goal-ball for children

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It’s more beautiful, the government was always smiling.

Coach Rivera is convinced that the accident he changed Newton’s view on life and the way he plays.

“I think somewhere along the line, so he said he the change that he represents, and as can be seen in things”, The Washington Post. “I think that to a new father. This is the document I noticed that he hugged her. It was wonderful to see all the time the same, after he on all these things.”

Newton, welcome to your first child, a boy named was Elected Christmas eve. Only a few people knew that he is in a relationship while he’s in twitter: “My girlfriend and I were so blessed to a baby last week.”

This week was made special to sleep alone dance after he scored a goal: the pretender rock the baby.

Porter and her mom they say you can’t wait to see what kind of result this weekend.

She tells PEOPLE: “look, to do everything, only pleasure, even if you are not the ball”.