Colorado treasure hunters After finding the error to $2 million in a chest of gold

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On a desperate search for the missing treasure hunters in new Mexico.

Randy Bilyeu whereabouts were unknown during January. 5 when 54-year-old who has hidden on the river Rio Grande on a raft with a dog in search of treasure in the chest for more than 5 years and includes $ 2 million in gold and jewels.

This legendary course, hiding at the expense of antiquaries Forrest Fenn, rumor has it that he is somewhere in the rocky mountains – encrypted poem of Fenn 2010-memories of the thrill of hunting tips that you in a secret place the treasure.

“He read Forrest Fenn books and read the poem and really brought into it, trying to find the treasure,” Randy daughter Carissa said Nieves of North Korea.

He added, “it feels like a roller coaster. He has no traces.”

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Written by the shortage of boys and young men in new Mexico, on Friday, 29 January 2016

Bilyeu, Broomfield, Colorado, the last time the purchase was seen with inflatable boat, compass and wetsuit in January. 5 before heading to the Rio Grande, near Santa Fe, new Mexico.

His ex-wife Linda Bilyeu, Bilyeu reported missing in January. 14, and the next day a raft from it, and the dog, Leo, began to appear earlier with the helicopters and finishing works, on the banks of the river.

Saha Johnston, Albuquerque, to attend the native speakers, the efforts of the search – says Leo was placed in position, again on a raft rescuers, in the hope that he can Bilyeu, reports from Santa Fe, new Mexico.

“He’s a small dog, it’s not a tracker”,” Johnston”, – said u-news.

She added, “We will not fall, rather, on the floor a bit, but we still have several areas that…”

Search and rescue teams, reports with the new Mexico state police searched everywhere, in the valleys and plateaus in the region, but authorities say their efforts were in a few days, the Associated Press reports.

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Fenn was very involved in the mission of search and scanning of chartered flights in helicopters and planes from the most remote parts of the upper part of the río Bravo to your search super-fan, according to the Associated Press

“Every time we don’t you will find Randy’s disappointing, but we won’t give up. There are still places out there that I want to see,” Fenn told the AP.

Excerpt from the sense of hunting (see below), Fenn describes where the hunters have to start searching for treasure:

“…Start where warm waters stop

And take in the canyon down,

Not much, but it’s too far to run.

Put in under home of brown.

From there, it’s not for the faint of heart

The end is always coming;

He will be paddled until you cry,

Just heavy loads and water high.

If they were smart, only to fire

A quick glance down, your quest to cease,

But guys, enough with marvel gaze,

Just up and to the chest alone… ”

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Despite the incredible risks Fenn, a mysterious treasure chest from the asylum, writer and archaeologist, believes that 65.000 people looking for throws your gold box, said that he does not disclose his location.

“There were too many people. It wouldn’t be fair to you if we thing,” he said.