Keri Russell And Matthew Rhys In Their Love Story

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His spark was not in denial until.

The Americans stars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys in the lead role in relation to each other in the FX spy drama 2013. And he smote his characters, the complexity of the KGB arranged marriage, Reese and Russell began a real love story that is outside of the screen.

Now while a couple of films, the fourth season in new York, together in anticipation of the arrival of the child.

Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys

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2013, Russell had separated from her ex-husband Shane Deary – he wants to tell the child from the river, 8, and daughter Willa, 4 – after seven years of marriage, their representatives, to the PEOPLE in his time: “the separation is friendly, and his attention to their children.”

Almost a month after reports of the breakup, rumors began to spin around the screen-the relationship between Reese, 41 years, and Russell, now 39. The actors were so convincing in the picture is a slow burning intimacy between secret agents Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, who had real affection was mistaken, or was there gossip? Tests have started going in favor of the first, if a couple was too important a price for accommodation, Russell in Brooklyn heights, a few days before Christmas 2013.

“They have long seemed,” a source told PEOPLE, colleagues, who were seen shopping and looking at furniture. “They were together to laugh and walk.”

But just a few months later, in February 2014, Reese rumors and laughed at a brewing romance with his heroes to tell PEOPLE he was supposed to redirect you to the mother’s questions.

“She’s calling” What happened? I just read about you,” she told PEOPLE about my mother custom stay on top of reports about him. “I tell him,” you should delete Google alerts.'”

Reese said that his mother was found, in response to rumors that he and Russell were lovers is particularly fun: “this is the best I love it. Told me a million times that there are a million inaccuracies that you read, but it is still] calls and goes, ‘is It true?’ Tell him, “no! If you for yourself?'”.

Later this month, Reese was forced to gush about the atmosphere of euphoria in the American group.

“We laughed a lot”, he said. “Maybe a little too much, and it will be a great fight. It’s not that they’re doing a scene is that try not to laugh, while these intense scenes. There are a lot of jokes.”

But the actor, who denied that his scenes with Russell were a symptom of a real life passion. “We did a million of them in this crazy life of registration,” he said to the PEOPLE, about the intake of spicy sex scenes. “The first is always the hardest, and then you realize that this is a very superficial element in which the camera men shouting and holding hands ‘for more! Down with the elbow! Lift your leg up!’ The clinic is an element with the legs, to take something that’s a shame.”

Meanwhile, Russell From “los Angeles Times” that the act felt in the opposite way Rhys he’s always “just” and “safe”. “What I particularly like this [Reese] makes it so easily,” he said. “You think you’re in good hands, and it’s nice to work that way, because you’re something that you all the things that are hard.”

In March 2014, PEOPLE are finally confirmed what fans have long suspected: Russell and Rhys had a few.

The actors were to apply to fame, the performance of the Public library in new York on stage. Colleagues theater friends said Russell, stroking his hair and a pair of quiet as any other to leave before the show.

Then even more the message will be in early January 2016: Rhys and Russell do the next mission? Child to raise together.

“All happy with each pair told PEOPLE pregnancy.

So, the KGB in the U.S., what started as a relationship, show all, turning into a real affection, and suddenly, the club for raising children, Reese and Russell.