Prosecutor: students from Virginia Tech Planned the killing of 13 years, Nicole Lovell

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Two students from Virginia Tech path carefully for the abduction and murder of 13-year-old girl Nicole Lovell, prosecutors argued in court on Thursday.

While the petition for bail for 19 years, Natalie guard, the Prosecutor told Us to Mary judge, who Lovell throat clearance was.

The guard and David Eisenhauer said the acquired products for cleaning and a shovel at Wal-Mart, and then the girl’s body hidden in the trunk of the Lexus.

He told the judge the security guard said that the FBI investigators to the murder site.

“I was very excited to be a part of something secret and special,” explained the watchman told Us that the FBI investigators.

He told us that the guard told them that the police Eisenhauer and bought a shovel at Wal-Mart. Then, after Lovell died, presumably, another Wal-Mart was to buy detergents, while the girl’s body was in the tribe Eisenhauer car.

While the security forces who alleged collaboration with the FBI, she insists that were present during the murder. But We still pushed to 19-year-old woman stopped, without collateral. “She is in the same position as the man who led them, the murder,” the judge said.

Messages of phone have Led the arrest according to Us news in Lovell led the phone number to the police for Eisenhauer. Prosecutors say that at the beginning of the Best any involvement in the disappearance of the girl and death went.

Later, Eisenhauer gave, brought her into the house and saw him climbing out the window, ‘ she said.

David Eisenhauer last week was arrested, the prosecution, with the prosecution of serious crimes as first-degree murder, kidnapping.

Natalie accused the security forces now, an accomplice before the fact of murder in the first degree. They were charged initially, charge of crime, improper disposal of a corpse and insult countdown abettor in the Commission of a serious crime. The new charges are sentenced to 20 years of his life in prison.

“On the basis of the evidence collected to date, researchers have found that Eisenhauer and Nicole knew each other prior to her disappearance,” Blacksburg police said in a statement, which you pass through PEOPLE who in the beginning of this week. “Eisenhauer used to kidnap these relations in their interests 13 years, and then kill him.”

The superintendent Eisenhauer and were detained without bail. You still need to sign the application.