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A short break from the reconstruction and lacquer furniture. Photography: The Basics

"I used to go to national conferences reuse," said Richard Featherstone recalls. "Everyone would say:" The Council does not stop listening to Nobody Everyone has different priorities … "That has changed People want to talk to us, not only, we are approaching councils and housing associations, but we're getting closer The… is new. "

Featherstone Development Manager reuse of the London network. This year, in case you had not heard, shot up by 67-29 seats in the "Hot 100" list of the biggest cheese in the waste industry, the magazine resources. However, 29 seems to be little recognition of the fact that the linkage of various charities, collect, repair, and sell unwanted items, and a connection to a single hotline number distance (and website) LRN has shown for the first time how the re- can (44 so far in the LRN) to create, reduce waste, and really serious jobs.

Until recently, the municipality had neither the means nor the reason to promote reuse. How would you repair your washing machine, sell or couch? Gradually, however, the European and national legislation both raised the cost of landfill, now taxed at 80/tonne-und recycling targets. (Only certain lobby was newly included as part of the "Recycling", otherwise the Council would have punished effectively to support it.) Began to be As a result of the advice is not used in any case again greatest discomfort.

And so in 2009, after much agitation, the Greater London Authority finally included in its strategy of reusing waste. At this time, among the charities, 4,000 tons of goods were measured to be reused by the city each year. In 2010, the SBA received 4.3 million, the LRN, the pick up these charities together in a closer drive repair, and sell almost all furniture, appliances, electronics, bicycles and color is fetched. The network to the point that residents of eight communities involved only the hotline reuse or website to contact to your material removed from home for the same price as the collection of bulky waste tip (developed usually about 20). Today, the rate is 12 000 tonnes, and the only thing you is always faster the lack of Vans.

Repairing a washing machine discarded. Photo: Re-using the network

Subsequent users Birmingham have been in touch to find out how to develop a home network and share ideas with Zero Waste Scotland energetic and visionary. Compounds are formed with some of the smaller groups working independently across the country. "We have the interest of the whole place," says Featherstone, and you can see why. This is quite clear how.

I meet a sunny morning Featherstone in one of the chain links on the transfer station Smugglers Way in Wandsworth. Here along with the usual public recycling bays, a new space of the collection of items for reuse is dedicated. Behind the scenes, with the help of Groundwork, the LRN also equipped Re-Work is essentially twofold – one with a designer and his team to rebuild and make it refinishing furniture valuable, the other with engineers trained in repair of furnaces , refrigerators, dryers, washing machines and dishwashers. A number of machines, all white, shrunk and guaranteed for one year, is just around the corner, waiting to be born in the next van charity. Often the manager of the Re-Work Perdicou Keith says there is very little repair needed.

"We have washing machines, and the first thing the kids do is to find the filter. Walking that there are five cents stuck in the water pump. Several different things well. Probably 50% of the machines that come upon us left as" without fault "" Featherstone is estimated 25%, but basically agree. It's a lot.

Even if a repair is required, it is often easier. Replacing the door switch, a frequently asked question, or even just cleaning the rubber seal. (To moldy washed after months without hot or receive biological powder.) In fact, it is the dream of Featherstone, the re-work could soon form an alliance with a manufacturer, through which they exchange what engineers learn about the units in the real world to sponsor another engineer. What was once a few guys play with a few scattered huts machine is now a professional team that patched about 80 device sends every week. Could easily, in your opinion, be more.

To re-users, Nirvana waste to be so-called "circular economy". And since 2012, designer Sophie Thomas and Nat Hunter have a program, the great recovery, try running to see through the promotion of other designers to create products, never to create the scrap. While the London Reuse Network try is already practical, admits that she Thomas seeks global circuit is still a long way to go. "It's beginning to be treated with, I think," she says. "It is a large and complex matter."

There are laws to discourage re-use, for example. The Trades Descriptions Act prohibits calling a "new" product if it still contains a reconditioned part. Safety laws are another problem: A certified insurance not be legally safe in the UK, even though you know, certainly in the United States. Thomas points out that many companies want to use again – both impress consumers and to take control of the resources that they need, at a time when the supply of raw materials may be interrupted. "In 2010, a third of the profit warnings came from the FTSE 500, the prices of related resources were," says Thomas. "So companies are feeling the pressure."

Loads a chair in a Reuse truck. Photo: Simon Ford C / Re-use of the network

Smarter laws would help. Companies are required by law to more accurately designed so that the pieces can be easily reused. Could license rights obtained when components are reused in new machinery by economic motivation to design them components of impairment. It may be all of the products is less wasteful by nature also ways to promote more leases. "We were in the BAM construction of a road that had been built in the Netherlands in the conversation," says Thomas exemplary. "They were to be paid when the road was in use., If broke or bumps and had to repair it, they lost their income. Example, the incentive for them there was a path that would take to make."

In West12 shopping center in Shepherds Bush, West London, the customers are hovering around the floor of a huge memory, looking attractively presented furniture, clean sofas, or an ordered line of refrigerators and washing machines, as much as would in DFS or Dixons. This is the end of the cycle of re-use – and also the beginning. The store opened last February by Furnish, distribute a charity with the LRN the collection, and sell equipment and furniture reused connected. Most items come through reuse hotline, some re-work, and some by the schema distribution retraction, in which retailers to remove old items from people's homes providing new. It is the largest store in London and reuse, as everyone here knows, the largest in the UK.

The prices here are really very good, and there are even deeper for customers to get the discounts. You can get a good double bed with a new mattress for 100, buy a reconditioned Bosch washing machine for only 150, or slightly less illustrious 80th "If it's good, are things very quickly," says Andrea Feller, Managing Store. Although in truth, most things go very soon, and there is a high turnover in stock. "There are always new bits every day," she says, "usually about a minivan full."

No flash vendors Furnish you might find in a showroom conventional high street. Neither the nerves, Petit wonder the store upcycling above. However, it is worthy and practical, and largely a showroom. Part of the philosophy here is that the people around a small amount for their products in order to have them pay to enjoy, and thus feel that care for them. Charles Craft, CEO of London reuse is, reminds a woman of 22 with a voucher for 180 of their housing association to visit the facilities. She bought a washing machine and fridge, and even had enough for a table and chairs to the left, but then she was crying. "I never dreamed in his life it would be able to sit at a table and enjoy a meal," Craft says later in the set. "It's great to participate in the political and municipal forums, but if you really see people for the benefit of …" I miss his words among the noise.

Out of the Darkness: Video at the small organization that discarded furniture to life.

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