Stephen Colbert don’t waste your Colbert Report person – Although He was Trying to dust that This year the candidate of the Republican party

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More than a year ago since the last episode of The Colbert Report in the air, and a little over five months, Stephen Colbert To Late-Show-hosting tasks from the David Letterman show after the comedian did not take, he loses Comedy Central person.

“When I started interviews with people than when I was a Jeb Bush] or [Donald] trump or [Ted] the cross sat on my shoulder, the devil on my shoulder,” Colbert, 51, he says in Adweek – super bowl-the problem Colbert Report satirical portrait of a conservative policy expert. “And he said, ‘give me. I can make a joke in every sentence.’ I’m not just. I went in the opposite direction.”

“One of the things I like [the night] that it is an obligation for me, sword and shield,” Colbert, he adds. “I’m so happy that everyone down along the river. So it was easy for me to say that you go.”

Stephen Colbert on the cover of Adweek magazine


And although CBS did a talk show with good Colbert has headed in September, the owner insists that they do not possess qualities.

“I want many people at our show. You want people to come and play his child. I don’t give it [the ratings] because everything I do, not the best show I can,” he says. “CBS tells me that she’s not quite happy, and what they are, they have more than before. And CBS tells me that they got more Dave. Thus, all happy, as I can tell.”

In fact, Colbert’s show was successfully completed, in particular because of its impressive interviews – in particular, so emotional sitdown in September, said Vice President Joe Biden, Biden and others in the death of his son Bo, to brain cancer.

“If the Lord told me Biden on the left, me, executive producer, ‘Oh, a good man gave me my show,’ ” he told Colbert. “Because I mine deeper to get a gift in return gave us. It occurs several times in the past five months. It’s those moments when you go, Oh, this is the reason why I brought the show.”

However, Colbert says that he does not feel put pressure, viral clips or moments: “it’s good when these things happen, but CBS didn’t ask. For me, to put the cart before the horse, like us, to find exactly what we want, and the madness of lies.”

“Cannot create something that distribution; if you have anything new, because they still like you,” Colbert to explain that CBS “he had a lot of support.”

“Notes for the network were not available,” he says. “I thought I would switch from cable … and here I was afraid that you me like a dog on a leash. Dave [Letterman] – characteristic effects; I am not the owner of the exhibition center. Dave was his own entity, an island in itself; I’m not. But despite the promise, she was afraid that someone turned off my circuit. No one broke my chain. Now to think about what was actually my biggest fear.”

About what taking part in the show, Colbert wishes, supports, loves, the Late Late Show with James Corden to do.

“Man, I look at things, [James Corden] is capable of and I’m so jealous because I remember how it was to be able to go to the country,” Colbert, he says. “Through a joint karaoke-it’s fantastic. I am Jesus, I wish I had to this time. I remember, boy!”

On the Late Show with Stephen Colbert departs at 11:35 PM ET on CBS.