The woman, who is Supposedly a Fake terminal cancer and Takes the advantages, including skydiving, a trip to new Orleans and monetary sympathizers

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One Georgia woman is accused of simulations have cancer and allegedly collected donations of money, and a trip to new Orleans, Charter fishing, and a balloon ride – over $25.000 confirms the value on the will of the PEOPLE.

Maria Bennett, of cumming, was charged with felony first-degree forgery and felony theft after modeling of the disease and to receive gifts, donations and travel, according to the order, which through the PEOPLE.

“In essence, she was saying she had cancer in the last stage and had fundraisers for you and many people gave him a” Robin Regan, a formal public information Forsyth County Sheriff’s office, tells PEOPLE.

“If we start the study, receive orders from the raids and talk to many doctors and hospitals that didn’t know her, and I hadn’t tried, as the patient. They profess ended in the last instance that she had done all this.”

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Authorities say they believe, Bennett, 29, began by stating that stage IV ovarian cancer in 2010, according to the Associated Press reported.

The police said that they received about $25,000 of the cost of gifts, donations and travel.

She also received a letter with the signatures of the members of the Atlanta Braves, was the parachute jump, went fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, grew up in a hot air balloon and got a free trip to new Orleans, reports AP.

It is not clear whether they have a lawyer, please or gone.