Tom Brady Endorses Donald trump: it would be “Great” If It is for the President

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So, bromance is mutual, after all. Tom Brady was a pseudo-relationship on Wednesday, September. 16, when he told reporters that he believes that it would be “cool”, when Donald trump, won the presidency.

She asked whether he thought it a trump to the U.S. President, a 38-year-old defender New England Patriots, answered frankly.

“I hope,” he said. “That would be great. It wouldn’t be a Golf course in the garden of the White house. I am convinced of this.”

Just last week, sports journalist shared a “snapshot ” red” to Big in the USA,” the baseball cap sitting on Brady out of the closet, and called “Tom wants to make a big of the new States,” leader-fans to speculate whether Brady was the team trump.

Tom wants to get you high in the US back.

— Feitelberg (@FeitsBarstool) 5. September 2015

“Great to do in the USA,” was the triumph official motto of the campaign (for the REPUBLICAN presidential nomination hope even argue that they have a marketable set new in 2012).

In a radio interview with WEEI on Tuesday, September. 8 players have not given up, his friendship with, 69 years, tycoon real estate.

“He always gives me a challenge, and various kinds of talk about motivation, at different times,” explained the athlete trump, who he in 2002 as a judge in the miss USA. “Well, he’s a presidential candidate, sent [patriots owner Robert Kraft] hat and found my way to my locker.”

Victory has always been a supporter of Brady and called him an overall “winner” and a “friend” on Twitter, several times.

Earlier this month, in September. 3, if a U.S. judge overturned Brady’s four game suspension, after meanwhile, the infamous “Deflategate” scandal, trump solemnly twitter, “congratulations to Tom Brady for another win – Tom, this is my friend and, overall, have won!”

For many years, the triumph also twisted in other words: advice and assistance for NFL players, including compliments to him and his wife Gisele Bundchen in December 2012, on the birth of their daughter Vivian.

When Brady and the patriots against the “Seahawks” super bowl XLIX in February, celebrity Apprenticehost was in the hands offered to your comment.

“Love Patriots won — Brady best ever!”, on Twitter in February. 1. “Seahawks passport was a dull match in the history of football! A great COACH is – B!”

Brady previously posed for pictures with triumph in Golf events in the tycoon’s luxury hotel Trump National Golf Club.

And on Wednesday, Sept. 16, from REPUBLICAN presidential debate, trump confirmed several friendship for all: “Thank you, Tom Brady, coach Ditka, coach Bobby knight and all the many Champions, support!”

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