We Have Checked: U-Boot-Class – Spinning

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We Have Checked: U-Boot-Class – Spinning

10/05/2015 03:40 PM ET




AQUA Studio, new York the Frederic Pinet shot

What is what: Aqua-Studio in new York first Cycling water-installation in new York

I Tested: Kate Hogan, Deputy Features Editor

Difficulty: I want you to call, in my class 5, but, no doubt, to go 10

Full disclosure: My daily workout is 25 minutes walk and not more than four stairs in my apartment (so it’s not me in the photo above). I met up with a round or yoga class, here and there, but I’m currently pregnant four months, in order to take a little more easily these days. But if I Aqua a study about the opening two years ago, I was immediately fascinated, and finally decided to try on Sunday after a week – do not eat large portions of TELEVISION (Hey, it was rainy and cold in N. Y. C.!).

Aqua Studio founded by Esther Gauthier, inspired by the concept of Manhattan, after the reception of this kind in France natal. “It was love at first sight I thought it was amazing,” she tells PEOPLE. “I was surprised that he didn’t come to new York, but since we are fitness in the course here, so I decided at the beginning of my training.”

Problem: build a swimming pool in the overcrowding of Manhattan is not work, this is the simplest in the world. But as soon as he enters the room — quiet place, a narrow spot in the Tribeca area — everything fell into its place. “The benefits of this exercise are quite surprising … beyond fitness,” Gauthier says he. “There is a component that cures, it is very important. And what’s happening in your body, while you in the water-it’s really incredible — your blood circulates better and increase lung capacity.”

Surprisingly, it was so peaceful that I in my class. I usually wear was a little nervous, pre-SoulCycle or the Wheel because, of course, I’m not human, competitiveness and further room, but the hotel Aqua, the study pool was small, only 4 ft. deep and big enough to fit, 14-wheels less than bike and my class had only eight women (meeting all of one sex, and you can have a swimsuit or sports bra and shorts).

I was really happy to hit water if they belong to the best fitness studios in new York, you’re really not in the pool often so that the feeling of weightlessness and warmth (which hold water and salt from 84 degrees) was really relaxing. The whole place, light candles, also, from checking and changing rooms to the stairs and the pool, so to really feel the Zen.

On topic: we tried: YAS, yoga giro touring class (Loved Kate Hudson!)

I took the restorer, of class, was not at home physically, but to focus on the depth-expanded (includes some elements of yoga), and some “sprint” and the essence of the work (I was light). Actually, we spent a lot of time for our bikes, our feet on wheels, head right over the water, in the pedal, this “fourth position”, while stretch our backs, it felt incredible.

Instead of helping a few pounds of weight, when you in out-of-water – Cycling class, water has been our resistance, so that when occur in the first position (the water is around waist and above) we were moving together, and, as if under water, in imitation of circles, or freestyle moves. The next day, I was not particularly pain, Gauthier says it’s typical, but I felt a little burning in my biceps and thighs.

As for the clients, a mixture of celebrities (unnamed, but no!) and a good list of regular customers. “Many people come to learn, and tell us what you don’t like the fitness stage in new York, or don’t feel comfortable in the gym, because it can be overwhelming,” Gautier, he says. “That’s the environment that we have created. And in the pool, things are a bit more on the relaxing side, especially the restorer of classes, although the impulse or interval class can be very demanding, because the resistance of the water. There is something for the whole world.”

Literally the world; the study is open to all, even if Gautier has potential, student star at the top of the list. “We hope that Beyonce will come!”, she says. “She was one of the first celebrities in the U.S. tried, Cycling, water Park home with your coach. People ask us all the time, if you come here, but not yet”.

Verdict: I will definitely return. The price is a little steep and$35 for the first timer, one class that is on par with studying in the city, but competitive offer monthly packages as well as yoga classes. And, above all, as one exercise, motherhood, gives me the right mix of cardio and stretching, without at the same time my heart rate too high. Just called, water baby (mom)!