6-Year-Old California Boy solves your Christmas gifts to Help people without a homeland

Posted by: Newswalle

If the child is 6 years California was the boy, choosing to receive Christmas gifts and providing food and coats for the homeless, I chose the holiday spirit.

Bakersfield, California, the child the desire to help people, without the house came when he recognized the man who sleeps under the bridge.

“He had a lot of questions,” the mother of Alex, Dale Hovater, told KBAK. “He wanted to know if this is where he lived and what we eat and how it was to keep warm.”

When Alex learned that the man had very little money to keep himself warm, he knew she wanted to help.

“I was like, yeah, he Christmas is coming and it is cold outside, so at least they have a little snack and water jacket and, before she froze,” explained Alex.

Dale tells his son that the family could afford only offer these requirements for local homeless, donate some Christmas gifts.

And Alex, of course, also a little, if you brought her unselfish decision.

“He said, ‘Yes, let us help you’,” she recalls.

The family collected eight bags of clothes, food and water and brought Alex to deliver them to the people who live on the street.

If you are asked, from local news channel why it is the choice that he made, said Alex, “so a good deed for other people.”

Her mother said that Alex comes there-if it’s Christmas. She understands that the family had about 30 percent of its budget to activities in this project is the victim who feels happy.

“We typically want to give our children everything,” he said. “Growing up with guilt for the rights and feeling of” I want, I want, I want,’ we can lose sight of what Christmas and what really is.”

Dale posted a video on YouTube Alexey the good fellow, in the hope that I can inspire others to follow suit. She plans out five friends. call to help children who need use the hashtag #Alex giving Challenge