Autism is First a patient, Now 82, ‘continues to Grow All my life”

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To view after a round of Golf at club de Campo in forest, Mississippi, one of the members from the stomach up and went to a bar, a triplet, the other players who come Donald.

“He said, ‘no, I want to buy one drink’,” recalls Johnston’s Baby, witness his pocket. “No, he said,” I would prefer it if you don’t mind.’ ”

Bizarre behavior is characteristic Donald, now 82, autistic. But after he began to show symptoms as a child, his parents were puzzled because no one was diagnosed with the disease. 1942, Donald of autism was the first time.

In his new book, In Another section: the history of autism, the authors Karen sugar and John Donvan for the disappointment that he’s a triplet of Donald’s parents, Mary and Beamon to describe. Your child is a strange, distant behavior he took his mother concluded that he was “hopelessly insane.”

Donald triplet, as in infants.

With The Kind Permission Of The Family Triplet

Clicking on the team of doctors who had sent him, preventorium, an institution for children with medical problems. He arrived at the age of 3 and lived there for over a year, until his parents were dead. Found, children’s therapist, to try Dr. Leo Kanner, who promised to help his son.

Bimon described my son to a psychiatrist in the letter: “It seems will never see the happy father or mother. It almost seems like a painting, in its shell, and lives in itself”.

Donald’s parents, Mary and Beamon triplet.

With The Kind Permission Of The Family Triplet

Four years later, Dr. Kanner has written his diagnosis of Triplets that contain the word “autistic disorders affectionate contact.” He studied 11 children with similar symptoms, and Donald triplet was 1 case.

Tracking case 1, which decades later he was on a mission to sugar and Donvan, who worked together at ABC News. Despite the fact that I have a series of stories in the news about autism, “we decided that we had to do something-the biggest and the most important – something eternal,” says sugars, their 21-year-old son’s autism.

The work traces the medical documents, which took, in case 1, as the “Donald t,” journalists focused in the small town where he lived, and the telephone directory.

“I went through all the Ts,” sugar, she says. “In the end I came to the answering machine, and she stopped, very interesting message.”

In his team, he said to her, what they call “Happy spring and happy autumn. Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2007.”

“You know what autism sounds,” Sakharov says, “I immediately realized that this is it.”

The first two, came a friend of the family-and quickly learned something about people in the woods: Donald films.

“They warned us that if we get with Donald, who will come after us,” sugar, she says. “All of these communities is indeed Donald, hugging his whole life.”

But Donald also learned to take care of. Still live in the house where you grew up, graduated from high school and University, she has learned to manage 27 and works at the Bank his family owns. He is also a traveler around the world.

Donald and his brother Oliver, and children.

With The Kind Permission Of The Family Triplet

“Not just – I think it’s one of the greatest stories of my life,” says his brother, Oliver triplet. “When he was playing Golf at 10 o’clock in the morning in Reykjavik, Iceland. It has in Europe, North Africa, Egypt, Libya, Greece, everywhere. Before mom died, I assured him, ” Look, this is the man who is able to travel around the world and to do things that you would never do.’ What really gave him peace of mind.”

Despite their adventures and independence, Donald autism is still significantly.

“He’s different – you know do something different in him, if with him,” Kill said friend Celeste. “This is a classic case.”

If he sees her on the bench, where he works, and he will tell you he can shoot with rubber band. (“And he does,” she adds.)

Oliver and Donald triplet

With The Kind Permission Of The Family Triplet

And they stood out a random number from Donald, who makes every man she knows. Her brother Oliver, for example, the number 400. The authors, sugar and Donvan are 549 and 550. And his friend and Bank colleagues, Denise Barnes, 1,464.

Barnes spends his Christmas gifts from Donald in the box on the table.

“He’d get the key ring and bring it to the side, and I’ll give you the icon on it, and will come someone else, the circle containing the key,” she says. “I’m the caterpillar from plastic Scotland. These are things that we don’t.”

Although people with autism rarely show strong emotions of others, Barnes says that when it comes to ladies in the Bank, Donald tries.

“He pats,” she says. “He gave me a hug, but give me a little Pat on the back”.

Because of attempts of love and gifts, “I have a feeling that there’s something there and he doesn’t know how to Express it,” she adds.

Your mother the same question. The book quotes his last card to Kanner, in which she wrote, “I want to know what your feelings are.” But he added that his life was “much better than we expected.”

It says that his hometown, sugar: “If we can find a way, a bottle support forest showed Donald, the world would be a much better place. Donald continued to grow throughout his life.”

With The Kind Permission Of The Family Triplet

Apparently, life was good. He goes to Church, meets with a group of guys, for coffee, visit with the ladies at the Bank every day, he loves his wheel of fortune (“It really, really take the white bath,” says his brother) and literally saw the world. He had his parents followed the doctor’s orders and left it in the facility, their lives will be very different.

“You don’t understand that the Institute was the answer,” says Oliver from his mother. “She had the courage to see if he could find that made a good psychiatrist for his children and her. It was a close call.”

1953, books on technique, Donald wrote a message in your own high school Yearbook: “I want happiness for myself.” Your friend Barnes considers herself lucky, it reaches the peak.

“The short answer, if you would have a good life, “I’m sure there are,” he says. “He has a calm about themselves and expectations for the future.”