Beyoncé Blake Lively Bakes a Cake Bee-Themed Birthday

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Beyoncé Blake Lively Bakes a Cake © Bee-Themed Birthday 09.05.2014 Subscribe at 01:34 PM ET 0SHARES Reprint

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How does an A-lister want another A-Lister Happy Birthday? By baking a cake and post it on Instagram!

To celebrate their buddy on September 4 Beyoncé  © turning 33, a Blake Lively created a dessert that looked like a work of edible art and displayed online.

In a short video of their Instagram account Preserve lifestyle, Lively wrote: "In honor of the Queen B … all I had to do this Meyer lemon honey cake © !!! Happy Birthday Beyoncé Blake Xxo.. "She tweeted a shoutout to the singer himself called it" one of your workers Bs. "(Lively to love a birthday last week, Beyonce © veto the route of flour and sugar and instead created a custom black and white signed "With Love, B" on its website, "map")

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While not everyone can be a piece â € have "by did not invent technology-the image yet to reach â €" the video clearly shows, cake layers makes sparkling honey, candy necklaces, fake flowers and leaves, a mini-bee a date. Bonus: We have a clear opportunity, engagement ring pink and white large-Lively'sÂ.

Lively has a soft spot for the bees in their own birthday, August 25, was stabbed fly at a photo shoot for the website of spines. But even bites all over my body could not stop the avid baker, her own playful birthday cake (layers of vanilla dà © cor as sparkling candles, tassels and LikeA smell € "what else?  €" over-the birthday make cake-top).

We believe Lively had a birthday gift for the singers: to provide with your husband, Ryan Reynolds  personally the cake to the front door Beyoncé © 's!

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â € "Nancy Mattia

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