Clerk Krug – Kim Davis Defended the refusal to issue a license for marriage Is that you Should not Have to work

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Kentucky Secretary Kim Davis appeared Fox, Kelly file on Tuesday and defended his decision not to license of marriage for homosexual couples.

Davis, who is married (or was that four times to himself, said Megyn Kelly, while you believe that their decision may, prison, six days she never saw him resign from his post, as an option, as an option.

Kim Davis

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“If I go, I’ll be my vote,” he said. “Why I am no longer a job that I love, and I’m good?”

Davis says, asked accommodations so, in anticipation of the Supreme court from the spring of the judgment of gay marriage, as you initially assumed office in January. However, she received only one response.

“A place for all kinds of questions, and we ask that a simple placement, and we can’t get,” Davis said.

Kelly the problem is that many critics of Secretary of County paragraph, about housing, and said to him, what if the installation was for reasons of religion, similar settings should be made to other Federal employees to call religion as a hindrance to your workflow.

Davis replies, other religious arguments, it would be understandable if “I thought it was a valid argument.”

“The fact that marriage between a man and a woman. It’s not black and white,” he continues. “We speak not a question of breed. I’m just in a conversation about marriage in General.”

If Kelly Davis of the problem, to say that ideas that you can and can’t marry differ from religion living in Kentucky stable and defends his actions.

“So millions of Christians who are all against gay marriage issue. Your rights valid? Your rights are worth nothing? Valid point, and its a fight worth fighting for,” he said.

According to Fox, last week, the appellate court denied Davis ask that you not were forced to serve more to the marriage, as she initially refused to get them.

On Wednesday the proposal, stating that “the likelihood of irreparable harm, it is necessary to issue licenses,” he said good-bye.

Judge David Bunning said that the arguments were there because “this argument is not persuasive, because Davis has its own risk in case of damage to the existing order issued by the court.”