For the love of fat: Why is fat back on the menu

Posted by: Newswalle

You have to love food fashion. To make a heart arrhythmia heart beat, it seems, lard was the work that clogs the arteries of the devil. These days, if you can not make fun of fat blow to leaven, which is not only to keep.

I realize that not everyone praised the lard, but there is no doubt that you are having a "moment". About the country, lard – pork fat solidifies alias – is mounted on seafood, spread on toast, tossed on the pizza and cooked for triple cooked chips.

Before the Second World War, the British could not get enough of the things, of course. But the concern that traveled directly from the lips of the hips, calcification of our arteries in the process, displayed slide please. Secretly cooks have always loved lard for flavor and versatility – Heaven produces crisp pastry, tasty tatties – but until recently was the dirty little secret. So what has changed, so that this love of lard out of the closet?

The trend of nose-to-tail dining room – eat all parts of the animals that are killed for human consumption – has something to do with it. But our views about eating animal fats are also changing. While the official line of saturated fat (the kind in meat and dairy products) are maintained to our consumption, a growing body of evidence on the traditional view that animal fat increases the risk of heart attack and to limit disease. Some authors such as Gary Taubes, author of Why We Get Fat, even argue that lard can be good for us. So with the heat of the fat and sugar in order to take his place in the line of fire, we seem shortcakes to enjoy a binge.

Marianne Lumb, chef and restaurant owner loves Marianne Schmalz, especially the luxurious fat, lardo di Colonnata (back fat of pigs of Tuscany). "I think it is so popular in the kitchen because they are very versatile," she says. "We conducted our Lardo di Colonnata canapés very thinly sliced ??and use it instead of rice paper to emboss, radish and wrap carrots. Use in a scallop dish, in turn, cut into very thin slices, and gently blow torch so go translucent. offers a delicious taste and a gift for the current view to a plate. "

She says that customers do not convince you, when ordering a plate garnished need with fat, although she admits description is the key. "My, pronounced before the house, Francesca Lardo di Colonnata in perfect Italian, they sound irresistible compared to just" "makes" butter

Lardo, lard, ham bianco, salo – call it what you, I love all that gossamer posh herbal tea for dishes notched drops other for a steak dinner (yes, my family is rejected).

But I wonder what my late grandmother – who fondly remember the bread-and-dripping-dinner savings used his childhood – would our growing appetite for chic and dripping butter. I'm pretty sure she would have a good laugh at my recent experience at the Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards, where he and other judges asked who ruminate on a selection of luxury fats. As delicious as they were, I think Grandma opt for things from the bottom of the pan collected – with the big dirt meat – every day.

What about you? Like food enveloped in fat? Or is the fat a food fad too far?