Hank Marvin: My family values

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I was born in Newcastle upon Tyne in1941 and my family lived about my Aunt Doris in a two-story duplex with a concrete patio, an outside toilet and no running water. It was pure luxury! My father worked for London North Eastern Railways, which eventually led to British Rail, and he is a good father who drank very little, because it was not much money.

He was probably closer to my mother. She was very big on hygiene and keep my younger brother Joe and me clean and well presented. She was also affectionately as my father, who was very strict and not so easy to approach man. Joe is almost four years younger than me, but if it five or six years that we played together with our cousin, who was two years younger than me and a lot outside.

Hank Marvin with his first wife, Beryl, and his eldest son, Dean, when he was a child. Dean died in 1997 Photo:. Employees / Evening News / Rex

My father bought me my first guitar for my 16th birthday. I was so into the music that pushed me to any scientific work to the side. My parents were not aware that in time, and I somehow fooled me to go to London in April 1958, the music business one. I wrote it to say that all was well in the first six months, though sometimes not to eat for two days. The next time I saw her in October 1958, we were going to earn the first tour with Cliff Richard and money.

With early success had a huge impact on my young family as it was on tour so much. He was 19 when he was born MyFirst child. I was too young to get married and did not fully understand the implications of all this, and was probably too young to be afather. Suddenly, you are met with this young child to check and maintain food and to educate and clothes, and try to make adecent people. I have four children of my first marriage. Our first son, Dean, died a few years ago [in 1997 of pneumonia at the age of 34 after years of drug and alcohol abuse]. Then there were the twins Peter and Paul. Then Philippa.

Although Dean and I were estranged when he died, it was still a great shock and sadness that they are all affected. He chose only one way in life that really end in disaster, and he did, unfortunately. The heart was broken, but you have to learn to live with it as you would the loss only. Finally, the game stops. There are others too and they have to to take care and be careful so that it takes precedence.

At the time in 1973 Thalia and Ben was born in 1975, my relationships differently. I will not go away, be as much, and when I go, my wife, Carole, and the children come to me as often as possible, and I was able to handle the paternity of a much better way with the term that experience brings.

Musicality seems to work in the family. My son Ben is a bachelor of contemporary guitar music and is a very good player. He and I arranged and performed tracks on my new album and I play in my band. Thalia and Ben, who lives in Perth, Australia, where Carole andi lives, they also have an acoustic duo. The twins play the guitar; one makes some semi-professional work blues and folk and the other does for fun.

Family is very important to me. I have learned the importance of it, as I get older. The family is the basic unit of society and is important to spend time together and to play together.

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