How to make SAG Awards well, While #OscarsSoWhite?

Posted by: Newswalle

Take The #OscarsSoWhite! With wins from Queen Latifah, viola Davis, Uzo Aduba and the cast of Orange is the New Black, and the double reduction Idris Elba, celebrated Screen actors Guild Awards – Union – actors are in a huge variety. But how this is done? What to do to celebrate such a rich, so that in color, the same year in which the Academy of film missing? We declare:

1. TELL the army more
Much has been said about the way in the movement from the Academy 6.000 Pico voters, including much older white men. TELL role, on the other side, offer some of the 117,000 members with voting rights. If your numbers are much larger, they seem more in the United States.

2. Terms
Voting for Screen actors Guild Awards will not be closed until the day before the show. This means that to send the voters wanted the message about diversity had an opportunity adequately, your voice for the actor color. That doesn’t mean he won actors don’t deserve love–Davis and Aduba both were repeat winners in their categories, having won last year for the same functions. And the Elbe almost always takes Golden globe and Emmy nods touch, a brilliant detective Luther.

3. Watch TV maid movie watch in diversity
Take a look at the list of winners. Only Elba took the award for kinematics – release (Beasts of no Nation). All other winners TV, the film is striking in its presentation. Shows like Blackish, fresh-ship and Aziz Ansari still beat on the non-whites in the United States, while diversity is only one element of why scandal, The Walking Dead, and the Kingdom as successful.

4. Actors do not Discriminate (Against Netflix)
From scuttlebutt why Elba lost the Oscar nod that people who said their living, being movies for studios, honestly, fear Netflix (and Amazon and YouTube, and any other person who blows up your business model). It’s just not true for actors. Most players just want quality work, regardless of platform. Happy that the wage worker, if he earned, if it stands for disney, or persons, toilet paper deliver to your door within the hour.

In relation to the SAG Awards impact the Oscar race is still too early to say. SAY it is a good predictor of performance in the race for big shows (so tux ready, Leo), but not so exactly with the prediction for best picture. In the spotlight can foundry, received the prize for best cast ensemble on Sunday, but the producers Guild gave its first prize, a Big Short that would him an Oscar in his favor of Course Directors Guild Awards on Saturday, so we align our assumptions, then.