Jason Mraz Tina Married Caraná: I wish the happiest in the world”

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Jason Mraz said, “Yes, I do” or maybe “I am Yours”? on weekends, to get married, the bride Tina Caraná.

“Today is my man the happiest in the world,” the musician posted on Instagram Sunday together at the photo of his girlfriend, in addition to the changes in their biography, “a singer/songwriter/person.”

Mraz, 38 years old, and Caraná – ex-HERMOSA beach, California, cafe Royal Oak, Michigan – tied the knot at a private ceremony in the air, surrounded by about 50 family and close friends at the historic Polo Green Church in Mechanicsville, Virginia, where Mraz grew up, PEOPLE confirmed.

The couple originally became known through mutual friends in 2007, when they were both looking at other people. (Filth he and his fellow musicians Tristan Prettyman in 2011, they broke up.)

“I had an instant connection to her and they admired his integrity and practice from the first day … I always tell myself:” I hope I find a girl like her one day, ‘” Mraz said Osider from Caraná in the month of August.

Today I made a person the happiest in the world.

Photos published Jason Mraz (@jason_mraz) on Jan 25, 2015 at 7:38 pm PDT

“In 2011, we find the only two and decided to work together. Her whole heart in every action, is extremely generous, complete drama-free and intuitive genius thoughts in the kitchen. Not to mention your smile absolutely melts me.”

Caraná also turned on her husband so in the same Osider interview.

“After several years in the crushing, the stars finally lined up and now he’s my stud. We have an impressive live together, and we have a great team” Caraná, ‘ he told the magazine.

“He is a loving, generous, and most people white worker. These are the most attractive properties, you can always ask a few. Inspires me and gives me to live every day, all the best in my life and he cares deeply about things that really matter. We are really happy, a lot of opportunities.”