Jenny McCarthy and rose-covered wedding cake Donnie Wahlberg – all details!

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Everything is rosy comes for Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg ⠀ "including their wedding cake!

The newlyweds, who on August 31, Ona area Chicago Hotel Baker tied the knot worked with all kitchens garnished with six levels 145 pulled sugar roses create a chocolate cake white buttercream.

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"Wanted to be [Jenny] very romantic and passionate about what the red and white was a great combination," Esther Roby, Director General of the Illinois Bar Desserts Geneva tells PEOPLE. "It was the game with his song" containing its beautiful white wedding dress and a bouquet of red roses.

Created by Chefa Alain Roby, Â, of his sketch with the people who shared cake with layers of red velvet, vanilla vanilla cream bra »là © e cake famous devil food Roby (a special request of the couple) Wasa and coveredâ AC â € " and dotted â €"  witha white buttercream to give it texture.


But the real surprise was stunning edible flowers. "The sugar roses started on the cake and cascaded all return and spread above Thea table where the cake was removed, creating an amazing bed of roses, which was actually mixed with real roses," Roby Saysa design her husband. "They were beautiful sugar roses red and two shades of red createa a truly three-dimensional appearance."

And a touch that serves edible roses as a souvenir. "The most beautiful thing is with sugar roses that you can actually keep, so I think Jenny go for a few guests."

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And as for the proposal, McCarthy, her son Evan was a big part of the process. "Your son has come up many times and love the store, so I think it was one of the reasons I started to look at us," says Roby. Â "He loves our truffles!"

As for the final product, says Roby: "We had some ideas and, of course, had his ideas, and I think all together it was the best thing for them Y, A is the most beautiful thing I noticed Wasa it so much. love and passion had on that day. "

â € "Michelle Ward,

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