Kate Bosworth: I got things To bottles in My 20 years

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If Kate Bosworth seemed unlikely, as the young actress was not because she thought it was. In fact, quite the contrary.

“I was very shielded, while many years ago,” Bosworth, 32 years, says that the editing history this week. “I had a hard time [in my 20 years]. I felt that it was me and my experience, it was clear, in fact, the entire world goes through these difficulties.”

The actress, who currently shooting 90 minutes in heaven together with the Director and her husband Michael Polish, means famous girlfriend Helena Christensen and influential consultant helps to break the isolation in which she felt like years.

“I didn’t see Elena at that time, and I said, “God, how I fight … I feel pretty lost,” he recalls, ” Christensen said, “would you than me! I through it many times.’ And because he was, as the penny finally dropped. I thought, “Well, I want my life to share with more women, and he feels comfortable continue to be vulnerable.’ ”

Kate Bosworth

Photo: Steven Pan / with kind permission of EDITION

Bosworth, who is currently working with Matisse shoes to throw out a bunch of shoes, a chance to participate in Princeton University, to track his career as an actor (after its separation from the performance horse Whisperer, if I’m only 14) and gave a try to navigate in the world of adults, 18 years, was not easy. Today, she encourages young people to seek mentors.

“I am very young, and I had to restore hair a bit,” she says. “I thing for bottles. I put my head down and fought, and I want I was looking for more orientation.”

Today, mentor and partner in the Polish and compares their cooperation on some of the great.

Kate Bosworth

Photo: Steven Pan / with kind permission of EDITION

“I think most actors do their job better if you contact the Director of the ideal,” says Bosworth, “If he [Martin] Scorsese and [Robert] De Niro, or Penelope [cross] and [Peter] almodóvar on her face. It’s an abbreviation, and a very special relationship.”

She says that your link was initially focused on the race, but then grew into something more.

“I found my love, with him as the first Director,” said Polish, first went to big Sur in 2011. “Spun” I want to work with him all the time’, ‘I don’t want him all the time’. And I remember that I thought that if not normal, and perhaps it was not only an artistic connection.”