O. J. Simpson-The Verdict: Where Are They Now?

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They were ordinary people living ordinary lives up until O. J. Simpson-ran position at the center of national attention. In the mid 1990-ies, lawyers, witnesses and even the judges of the house was – whether she likes it or not.

More than two decades later, they moved and built a new life for himself, but will always remind taking part in one of more explosives-20 attempts.

The PEOPLE, in which some of the major players today.

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Nicole brown Simpson on the cover of people magazine

Marcia ClarkAs head Prosecutor, Clark hero of the day in the night of Saturday live and was criticized for her hairstyle in an e-Mail! Network. After Simpson – acquittal, she left the da’s office and author of the book, of course, on the judgment. Now, 62 years old, works as a fact, a reporter and television commentator, but there is a dump with a letter from fiction. The ninth novel of the blood defense, will be published in may.

Lance ItoThe judges have faced widespread criticism if he let that camera in space, a movement that forever changed the way to determine punishment. Continued reporting were ito on familiar names – remember Jay Leno’s “Dancing Itos?” Now 65, ito to repay the Bank pulled out, and there are very few media interviews. He lives a quiet life with his wife, Margaret, a former detective.

Robert Shapiro, After the trial, attorney Robert Shapiro, his consistency at a high profile appearance customers, such as Darryl strawberry, johnny Carson and Eva Longoria. 73-year-old lawyer and practice law. Also an entrepreneur, he founded several companies, including LegalZoom.com. Also for their charitable work, which he created, Brent Shapiro Foundation to help people who are struggling with addiction. The Foundation bears the name of his son, who died in 2005 after a drug overdose.)

Kato the house was KaelinHe guests spent four days on a bench of witnesses. After the test is in reality shows and Comedy. Now 56, Kaelin lives in Los Angeles and recently started his own clothing line, slacker wear.

BrownOn stood Denise, Denise brown spoke in detail about the alleged domestic violence suffered by her sister Nicole in the hands of O. J. Simpson. Today 58 years it will work, Nicole Brown Foundation, an organization that helps victims of domestic violence.