What with Katie couric Learned her Newtown shooting a documentary Under the gun: NRA-Co -, they Chose to communicate”

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“Before this film shot … of 22 people in the United States.”

It’s like with firearms, a powerful documentary film on the violence of weapons produced by Katie couric and directed by Stephanie Soechtig, begins. Eight of these people, be careful, they die within two hours.

It’s a sad opening for a movie that explores the control over the circulation of weapons, developed in the debate on both politicians of the gear, secured by transfer interviews with parents suffering, the prodigal sons and daughters of two very, massacres like the shooting in Newtown and still without a solution in which the claim of Chicago, the children each evening.

“How heartbreaking, and how all the individual stories that, I think that red thread is that they are all very active … and has pledged to try something about this issue,” couric tells PEOPLE. “I think it’s commendable to see what these people go through so much personal grief and transform them into movement.”

As women who worked together, which took place earlier in 2014 obesity’t tell in childhood documentary Fed Up, the USA is so divided on the issue, National Rifle Association, believe him. Couric says that the pressure group “co-decided, do not bring the conversation” shut up, the gun owners, in fact, supports reasonable restrictions.

“You could say that people in favor of weapons, and none of these measures could have a gun, but I don’t believe that everyone says can be Pro-weapons,” the veteran journalist. “Can’t take innocent lives to support, because they support the right to arms.”

“The NRA, was a trip from the story of the story so far, and what she wrote really in their interests,” Soechtig, he adds. “The truth is, what’s going on in this country is very different. … We were all a bit cheated, of course, from Newtown, said that nothing has changed. Of course, not correct. But very interesting to see how deceptive the country was and how very small, small groups – national regulators account for only five percent of gun owners – as it is a small minority that really had the trip for this story.”

Look Under the gun on the website to see the latest list of tests, and read about PEOPLE talking with couric and Soechtig.

Congratulations Sundance premiere. How does it feel to receive a standing ovation?
Katie couric: it was very exciting. I think people will again sketched was so invested in these people, I think, to see, standing on the stage, I think they wanted to Express their support and compassion for these people who are willing to tell their story and to understand the consequences of such events in our lives.

She was surprised about what they learned in the process, to talk to people with different views on gun control?
Stephanie Soechtig: That surprised me, it was really fewer people with different views, and how our main characters. I could not believe the stability and commitment to stop the violence, weapons. When it happened to me, I feel as if I am in a hole. I don’t think I could be there, through the intercession for others. All of them told us separately, “we do this so you are not always in our shoes”. And this kind of compassion and devotion, I just learned that it’s incredibly powerful and amazing.

KC: from a policy perspective, I think one of the most surprising was that there are so many people that the NRA, whose views do not represent, from the national rifle association leadership, and it made me feel very optimistic that there are many common things you’ll never hear that debate, which in reality is rarely heard in the current debate. What made me believe that this maybe the solution is, and that many people in this country, although we think that this is a problem of polarization that most people in this country really believes that steps can be and tools that can reduce the cessation of violence in this country. So I found this surprising and a reason for hope.

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