Jimmy Fallon Show that He is Always Vulnerable for accidents Halloween beautiful in OTC account with Another defeat on his arm

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Jimmy Fallon exchange for Halloween Instagram, a day before Hallow Eve.

Years before hosting The Tonight Show, comedian dress as one of his models, Paul Reubens, known as pee-wee Herman.

“#TBH the decline of Halloween. I like Pee-Wee,” Fallon, 41, – he wrote.

“#TBH the decline of Halloween. I like Pee Wee.” – @Jimmy Fallon

Photo published tonight show (@Fallon Tonight) at January 30, 2015 10:55 PDT

Pee-wee, Saturday night live-alum was dressed in accordance with a gray suit, shirt, yellow and baby pink bow-tie.

And other computer accessories, including a large roll in his left hand. Now, decades later, Fallon himself after recovering from injury, in the same hands.

“(Note the finger is associated. Some things never change.)” he added that in their name.

In June, the father was not with them a serious accident if it is her wedding ring she had finger.

“I tripped and fell I case (a good thing). The ring trapped on the other side of the table nearly broke a finger (bad),” Fallon”, he explained on Twitter.

In the afternoon, the night the master of ceremonies recently had the other hand, if he tripped and fell, receiving an award from the University of Harvard Lampoon. Injured his hand two years ago, almost slicing his finger in June 2013 during the cooking.

On Friday, the Pee-Wee Herman, he wrote on twitter a response Fallon via OTC.

“Slow down in TEQUILA @Jimmy Fallon !!” Reubens, 63, – he wrote.

Slow down the pace, TEQUILA @Jimmy Fallon !! https://t.co/OtTOUkYQzC

— Pee-wee Herman (@peewee Herman) 30. October 2015