Madonna mocks her ex-husband in the middle of a custody dispute with guy Ritchie

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Pop provocateur Queen so boldly like never before.

In the middle of a custody fight with ex-husband guy Ritchie, Madonna, reported online compilation of words from one former spouse at a concert, in a video that is making the rounds. Reportedly the clip trapped his rebellious heart station tour in Nashville, Tennessee, on Monday.

“I’m looking for someone, and not c—,” virgin, 57, said into the microphone, as a fan, offered in the classroom. “Since I’m married to C—.”

Madonna does not specify their ex-husbands, inspired by bold statement. The music icon was the first marriage to Sean Penn, 55 years, from 1985 to 1989. Even though they divorced, the ex-partners in good conditions, like Madonna and Penn defended a libel lawsuit against Lee Daniels in December and sang praise an actor for your help Haiti home charity gala in January.

However, the relationship with Ritchie, 47 years old, has a turn for the worse. Ex-partner, who is eight years of marriage ended when you saw the divorce in 2008, wrapped in controversy, the dispute over custody of their son Rocco.

Madonna, Guy Ritchie.

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After he to live with his mother on the way to your appointments for concerts, the United Kingdom Rocco in December went with his father. 15-year-old refused to return to the UNITED States to stay virgin in their appearance, in the same room, a court in new York in December. 23. In new York the judge ordered her back, Rocco, but the teenager was with dad. Both Madonna and Ritchie in the context to the second hearing in February. 3.

“They have a good relationship; it makes one more, and the struggle between them, if you can, while you,”said friend of ex-partner to PEOPLE: this month. “It’s the best way you can do it.”

But Richie’s source claims that business is personal, PEOPLE say, “Madonna is always wrong.” The source added: “perhaps the best example of that above feelings, he loved his films unflatteringly at the time of their marriage, seen some videos.”