Mom’s recovery: Hillary Clinton Chelsea Defended, swipe Bernie Sanders

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After Chelsea Clinton entered the campaign fray with passports ambiguous Bernie Sanders single-payer plan of health, mother, Hillary Clinton, now in his defense.

“First, you know, I love my daughter and I know that you said,” said Clinton in “Good Morning America” on Wednesday. “Because if you look, Senator Sanders again nine times at the Congress that this is exactly what you suggested. To take all that we know at present, as medical assistance, Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, private insurance, which now, by law, support is Available and roll.”

Clinton threw the Sanders single-payer Health care plan costs”, middle-class families and workers and their families.”

He should “tell the American people what it will,” said Clinton. “Because every analysis shows, I know how much middle class families and workers and their families. And also explain why after this historic achievement for President Obama – we fought to preserve some affordable care, starting with Harry Truman, now she wants to start all over again. I think these are fair questions.”

Chelsea had a purpose, Sanders, who wants during campaign events in new Hampshire on Tuesday, said the Senator from Vermont to “dismantle Obamacare, dismantle the CHIP program, the dismantling of the health insurance and private health insurance.”

“It bothers me when we Republicans democratic rights to do it, back in while we act Affordable care – it draws millions and millions and millions of people who are outside of your health insurance,” Chelsea added.

Obama’s former strategist David Axelrod was one of the first to criticize, Chelsea – reviews, told CNN, “Bernie Sanders has a single payer, universal health care. We can say, perhaps, that tries to provide health care away from someone or away from Obamacare, he’s trying to overcome. So, it’s not really a fair attack. And it’s not what you need to do skillfully.”

Sanders also noted Chelsea’s allegations are “absolutely false”. In an interview with CNN, after the status of the nation on Tuesday evening, the mountain Democrat, said his Medicare For All plan “is a plan that works in all 50 States in this country when they were supposed conservative Republicans or Democrats. It is a national program.” Sanders added that the proposal could save families from the middle class, which is a thousand dollars.

Sanders hit back at the Clinton campaign even more on Wednesday, twitter a photo of himself and Clinton together, which was signed, “Bernie Sanders with gratitude for your devotion from the moment of actual access to health care for all Americans…”

“Bernie Sanders with gratitude for your devotion from the moment of actual access to health care for all Americans…”-@Hillary Clinton

— Bernie Sanders (@Bernie In A Different Way) On 13 January 2016.

Two new studies show that Sanders appears in front of Clinton in Iowa, and its leader by a margin of 53 to 39 percent in new Hampshire.

The Senator said he believes that the recent attacks by Clinton against him, and the fact that you start to draw more contrasts between the two rivals, are “evidence that the Clinton campaign is already very, very nervous.”

Clinton laughed that idea, outside of “Good Morning America” and said: “we are Now in the sprint, and it’s time to take contrasts … all this in the context of my deep respect for him and his many years, but we have differences in weapons and tax and health care, and I think that people need this information”.