Princess tiara Kate debate: As you go, Choose her jewelry, to obtain the First state Banquet

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The flags are at the Mall leads to Buckingham Palace. And Princess Kate has a great selection.

Fabulous Royal tiara will wear, if it takes its place in a large Desk for your first state Banquet on the night of Tuesday?

Leslie field, author of the definitive book on jewelry of the Queen, says Kate, 33 years old, you have a choice, a relatively small tiara to make sure that you are not to overshadow the night’s host, Queen Elizabeth.

The attention of diplomats and Royal circles focused mainly on Queen Elizabeth, 89, hosting China’s President XI Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan. They come to the UK on Monday night and will officially receive Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, on Tuesday.

But Kate and her husband, Prince William, will be one of the Royal armies milestone in for dinner at Buckingham Palace.

Kate will be simply used tiara on a small number of cases, your first day in history: April 2011, 2013 wedding and reception. Fields believes that the Cartier Halo tiara (friend Kate pick) or Lotus flower tiara those options, I guess.

“They are very small,” says field. “You are young and tender. Some crowns can be quite difficult, but they’re comfortable, family-owned. And it would not be reasonable.”

One jubilee gift to the Queen mother, husband, king George VI., helmet from Halo was purchased from Cartier in 1936. Described as “a band of 16 graduated scrolls, along with bright and 739 149 Arab, diamonds,” was there today to the Queen mother in 1944 as a gift from 18 years. However, you have never seen in public who wears it, and she gave him his late sister, Princess Margaret, daughter Princess Anne, and now Kate.

The Lotus flower (or the papyrus tiara), was used, in white tie reception for the diplomatic corps accredited in the castle, in December 2013, was E. wolf & co.. first appeared in 1920-ies as the Queen mother brilliant collection.

He noted that Egyptian style ” – it’s not overwhelming large or high, and that’s good because Katherine high. It is very in the style of 20-ies and probably quite lightweight and comfortable to wear,” field”, he says.

She believes that Kate, as Queen, you can wear a long evening dress of pale tones, and to surpass men in the darkness-dinner-outfits. It also means that the ligaments that real women wear don’t clash with her clothes.

William, 33-year-old man, who helped to prepare the ground for the visit, during his visit to China in March, on the occasion of his first state Banquet.

Charles, 66 years, will be gone and dinner, book a special time for diplomatic meetings in his London residence Clarence house earlier in the day.

The state Banquet is the colorful heart of a diplomatic visit, and continues until Friday, and that that Queen has a lot of experience. She has more than 110 banquets 63-year reign. Take three days to the table for thorough settings (everyone has one regiment of the 18-inch space for their table decoration), in the Palace of the proud of creating a magical night.