Real Housewives of Beverly hills recap: Katherine Edwards Faced faye Resnick, Claims His ex Cheated, Nicole brown Simpson

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Two women and a feud sat down to dinner. He was, like any other payment that was Real Housewives franchise, yet nothing more.

Because not included in the night of Tuesday at Real Housewives of Beverly hills, Katherine Edwards and faye Resnick very much, no capital letters dispute, although Reznik said earlier, Edwards, ex-husband, Marcus Allen, to deceive Edwards, Nicole brown Simpson, and Edwards, both deny).

The confrontation remained sober, despite the fact that Edwards describes his feelings after Reznik follows:
“There are very few people in my life that I would like to wear a dagger if you ever get the opportunity to say that [sitting]. She’s one of them.”

Not the argument that I had what seemed to be more elementary for you, a dialogue between two people, where Edwards and Resnick (and other women, all present at dinner Kyle Richards in the house) Reznik told about the previous argument.

Not to say “for me, I would feel like I cheated,” Edwards said Resnick, adding a vague reference to “the book”, in which Resnick made the claim as “the elephant in the room”.

(Two sat opposite each other on the table.)

“I can’t tell anyone about what happened 20 years. It was a very difficult time, and it’s sad,” said Reznik, nor to say one or the accusation of cheating or Nicole or O. J.
“There is isn’t up for discussion really a lot, at the moment, isn’t it?” Resnick, she asked.

Speech in front of the camera, Lisa Rinna, said that the only way that could describe her, Resnick mood at this moment, from the point of view of body language, would be hard hand.

And then, Reznik said that you will not feel anything,” said humbling” after Edwards, and asked if Edwards felt better, and Edwards is that she did it.

Earlier in the episode, Edwards said that I felt “had something to say Reznik”, and thought that for 20 years.

“If people at my track how quickly the fire,” Edwards said other women. And: “don’t act like you don’t know about me, if you know me.”

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