Son and daughter, daughter and son-Madinah Castrejon-from families about the life of a transsexual With Two brothers

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Thomas and Nyr, brothers and best friends, and share a special bond with his brother and sister two involved.

Thomas, 17 years old, realized that she saw transgender at age 14, as, for example, a video from TRANS-people.

“Sounded to me,” he told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “For a long time I was pretending to be a boy. I didn’t know I was one.”

Nyr, 12, he noticed that his true gender after the video.

“I think she’s always been there for me, but I didn’t recognize him until I saw one video with transgender character,” she says. “Something clicked, and I thought, ‘Oh, Yes, I am.’ ”

His mother, Emma says you’re pleasantly surprised to find that Thomas is involved.

“Thomas gave me a lot of hints that something is happening, and I realized that I will not disappear,” she says. “Well, if he insisted your hair wants, on average, short and admitted:” I, as a child,’ I was not surprised. I took the time to digest to educate myself and change the way that spoke to me and felt . . … I said to him: ‘Nothing has changed. They love to eat animals and reading and popular music, and meat. More’. ”

Tomas Medina-at castrejon-15

Emma Medina-Castrejon –

The audience defined above, Nyr, which was the opposite of their birth gender, it’s harder for Emma to digest.

“When she told me, I thought it was just a game, maybe he was after your brother,” said Emma. “I didn’t want to believe, because it was awful. Look, how much denial exists in the world. Sounds like many will be killed. It’s not what you want for your child.”

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