Teresa Halbach Wanted Bat, Auto Trader, but to go to the store Steven Avery home for the Last Time: source

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Eight years later Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey were convicted of the brutal murder of 25 years, Teresa Halbach, a new Netflix series has a lot of questions: what is the right of every person in prison? Subscribe now new shocking details about a controversial condemnation, just PEOPLE!
Teresa Halbach, whose brutal 2005 murder is the center of the series from Netflix documentary series, as it is recognized as a killer, almost not to go into the house of the person guilty of murder at his side the day she died.

Before his death his native Wisconsin Halbach, 25 years old, began photographing her own business, and it was.earn money for more ship photos from the magazine Auto Trader

“The saddest thing was that they at the time of her death she was more and more customers and could not therefore Auto Trader care that at the same time,” a friend who is very time-consuming and Halbach speaks to the PEOPLE.

“She told Auto Trader that she wanted in two weeks and only those works that are outside their studying, because she was burning the candle at both ends.”

Get for more information about Steven Avery and Make a killer to collect, the last figure of PEOPLE who on newsstands on Friday.

Netflix show – Killer this is the cover of PEOPLE this week

The source said that she said to him, your customers – including Avery, the possession of which came at least 15 times before she died – she no longer be taking pictures for the magazine, says a source.

But Halbach was worried when Avery, now 53 years old, came out of the door in one of his last visits to the dump, “towel,” says a source.

“She was concerned. She said, ‘I am Avery says again to go,’ ” the source.

But in Oct. 31, 2005, the day of the Halbach murder, Avery seems to be called the journal and asked for Halbach photo session. “She said she didn’t want to go,” says the source. “Auto Trader prayed that this request is just a picture”.

Company representative auto trader does not respond to requests for comment.

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Ken Scratches, processed thing is that earlier, PEOPLE said that Avery was the “target audience” Halbach, was allegedly concerned about the progress that she told her employer and your friends about him before he died.

“She had a bad feeling about him,” says Halbach, a friend of Haring, Gina. “She said ‘He sees me rarely. He pulls me’. ”

On the day of his murder, Halbach three meetings had to be done to the photos and made his last stop in the Avery family from a car salvage yard.

Their remains were burned, in the last instance, is the sun behind the fountain trailer on the landfill property, where Avery lived.

Avery, serving at the present time, life in prison without the possibility of parole. He keeps his innocence and it is believed that was issued in retaliation for the presentation of a $ 36 million lawsuit against the County and the authority.