The Academy Breaks the Silence about Straight Outta Compton “Oscar” tickets dispute: We don’t make the invitation!

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The Academy has broken its silence review and the cast of ” Straight Outta Compton were not invited to the ceremony this year, has even more anger on the #OscarsSoWhite controversy.

“Academy invites the nominees, and each Studio offers a limited number of tickets matching, based on the number of nominees for the films to use at your discretion. So the representative of the Academy PEOPLE said this for decades,” exclusively.

The representative of the company Universal Pictures, the Studio that distributes the film, had no comment.

While the number of notes you can get your degree, depends on how many applicants you received in a given year, the members of the Academy have their record in one competition.

This year, Universal four Academy nominations, including for Straight Outta Compton four writers, Jonathan Herman, Andrea Berloff, S. Leigh Savidge and Alan Wenkus storage, color white, for the film is the script.

He also received two of Steve jobs, in the setting of categories for Fifty shades of grey in the category of original song and four nods, starting his approach, the function block for Danish.

For the second year in a row, no actors of color nominated for the annual ceremony of the upper part of the categories that you saw is what President Obama #OscarsSoWhite conversation.

Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs announced dramatic changes last week, the Academy membership for different areas. In emotional reactions after the nomination, Boone Isaacs, said she was “broken heart and
disappointment” is the lack of diversity among the nominees this year.

“I want to know the great work of the nominees this year. While we celebrate the extraordinary advantages, I am heartbroken and disappointed with the lack of integration,” Boone Isaacs wrote. “It’s hard, but it is important for communication, and it is time for major changes. The Academy takes radical measures to change the composition of our membership.”