The girl in the wheelchair, follow the dance-a tribute to a friend Died Unexpectedly: ‘Smile or cry’

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Video from Ohio chair-dance-group moving tribute to one of his dancers who died suddenly became viral.

Video from revere dance Studio wonders on wheels (WOW) was observed the performance of the computer a set of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” of the more than 6 million times on Facebook. The concert was a tribute to a member of Cincinnati, Ohio, a dance group called Cathy, died suddenly in September.

“We unexpectedly lost one of our dancers in September again – in fact, the week was we were to begin again, we begin a week died again,” Tracy Burgoon, owners and choreographer in revere dance Studio said OPOC.

“Her favorite singer Celine Dion, was ballet like, so we decided that this topic is a tribute to you,” Burgoon, ‘ she continued.

Six dancers between the ages of 6 and 27, joined 14 shadow dancers (in black) offer their time to dance to help page WOW computer and the girl move on the dance floor.

the wheels are a miracle dancer leads with his shadows

Courtesy Of Revere, Dance Studio

“It helps you to maneuver, if they can’t move, his hands,” she explained. “We’re trying to work with them. Equally important for ‘shadow’ to work with the girls.”

Burgoon said that they don’t want to stand in line dancers, volunteers his time with the program to get the free dance lessons twice a month.

The team had rehearsed the dance, takes place Sunday, beginning in October. Their performance was the first time that the group had danced the show without Kathy. He was with hefty applause.

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If Burgoon congratulated 27 years of WOW students Jill Schmiade, in her smile, performance, Jill, – she said, “it is the smile or cry,” USA today reports.

“The way I feel, I look at people, it’s informative, but also sad because I want Katie was here to experience,” said Schmiade North of the Kentucky Tribune.

“I feel normal, once, because I’m around other people, in a wheelchair. We all love you very much, and love that shows that dance is not only the legs but also their hands,” Schmiade said.