To make American families ‘Unadoptable’ children with down syndrome from China

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If Desiree Knows to look 38 years old, began to adopt a child with down syndrome from China, said that “these children were not available because they are “worthy” to adopt.

Due to White resistance and the incredibly label that they had changed along with his 5-year-old son, Isaac’s son, a down’s syndrome child from China, foster has positively. And, fortunately, about 200 children, this could be the life in the institutions to ensure that China now has a chance to enter into the family forever.

You know what he says in Tacoma, Washington, she wanted to adopt a child since I was a teenager. Later learned she wanted a child with down syndrome is a genetic disease that reason, intellectuals, differences and delays in development to adopt – after working as a registered nurse and pediatric trauma has a “unique experience” with its boy with down syndrome-patients.

“I truly believe that most nurses fought pediatric more that the attention I pay to the work with children with down syndrome, there were really good,” she says.

Desiree Knows, with his son Isaac

Courtesy Of The Bamboo Project

Because of their care in Pediatrics background, White was well equipped and obligated for the upbringing of the child with special needs.

“If I knew the decision that I will be accepted, she said that I have the ability and experience to support the needs of a child with special education and children with special needs, as a rule, for the family always welcome here”,.

White has decided that a child with special needs in China, where down syndrome children were “unadoptable,” and therefore less opportunity to find a home for children with special needs in other countries. White came to Bethany Christian Services, international organizations, non-profit founded in 1944 and offers adoption, foster families and services settled. When Elizabeth McGinnis, project coordinator Bethany Christian Services, explains if she is not adopted, these children have several options.

“Some of these children live in institutions for her single whole, while some of them essentially showed himself in the streets,” McGinnis tells PEOPLE.

Six months after they began their search, Knows Isaac, who was 11 months on time and one of the first matches of children with Down syndrome from the story in the adoption file released in China. She says that the fact that it was against the policy of the status quo of secondary importance for you.

Isaac photo your file the adoption

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“I don’t know, I focus on policy and detail,” said white. “All I knew was that my son was there and I was here, and I need to close that gap quickly.”

Nine months after the first Isaac to see the photo in November 2011, went Know Guizhou province in southwest China, to his home.

“Worse, we were in this building, and this woman took us down the stairs to 15 and then she said, ‘this is your son”, ” White recalls. “It was not a dress in light green color is both cheerful and livestock. What more toddled up to me and punched me in the face – it was touch to our first love”.

Isaac because adoption was one of the first in its kind, had White are the obligations for reporting on the return to China in the condition of your child. Isaac currently attends preschool neurotípicos, bloomed in the White of the attention. As a result, in 2013 the Chinese government published the adoption files from 14 “unadoptable” children with down syndrome.

Within two years, Bethany Christian Services has found homes for children with down syndrome within the program, there is the bamboo project. Since launching the program in 2013, families who have adopted through bamboo project formed and have a strong support network, referring to “family gatherings” and sat for 40 children in China now, families in the project.

A recent photo of Isaac, now 5 years

Courtesy Of The Bamboo Project

All in FamilyOne of 14 to foster children through the bamboo project Amy Watson. It is likely that would have been alive today, if you don’t the family sold the mn your home, for funding their adoption.

Dan and Jessica Watson sartell, Minnesota, she always knew what she wanted to say goodbye. On Watson, corporal has two children, sought the adoption of specific needs, because they knew that only a few families, to make this decision, as White, he didn’t feel ready, only because Jessica is a registered nurse.

“There were certainly moments of fear,” Jessica Watson, 33, said of a MAN, his family for five years after the adoption. “But in the end we took a leap of faith, because there is a family, should be a fundamental right for all children.”

Which Watsons believed so firmly on the principle that spent five years victims and to save for making is to sell your house and rent for a room that is smaller to provide more than 30 000 $cost.

“Of course, we weren’t casualties on our side, but it will be the thing they talk about money in relation to the person,” Watson tells PEOPLE. “Really, it wasn’t even a question for us.”

January 2014, Watson family was paired with 2 years of Emi and in October and Jessica were on their way to meet her.

Emi soon after the adoption in 2 1/2 years

Courtesy Of The Bamboo Project

“We were three or four families bamboo-project for all who remember together, to travel together with the children’s home,” Watson, as you and your husband met Emi. “She was made the last child, and of course, that’s just crying because she was praying for this child, and fell in love.”

Watson in how your husband Emi laughing moments after the meeting. Then something unexpected came.

“In a minute we may contact you in our hands, we can say, she was very sick,” Watson said. “As we Emi fed his first bottle and I could hear that you aspiration of liquid into the lungs with each breath.”

Nobody could take Watsons go home. Soon after his arrival in the UNITED States, doctors found two holes in Emi irreversible heart and lung damage formula suction. Not only were Watson’s impressions of the Emi doctors “surprises” – I thought, you found yourself much more comfortable in time.

“If she wasn’t, let’s say you have a cold, which met over time, your life,” said Watson.

Now, thanks to several surgeries and continuous therapy, Emi, the condition has improved significantly.

“She doesn’t know anything medical is bad with her, she’s just a loving, funny, naughty girl: says Watson. “It gives us a whole new perspective.”

“Dr. Watson” from the family

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She adds that the biggest surprise was to bring Emi home, to discover his love for hip hop and R&B music.

“We would like us to another room and when we play music, that there are many serious that she was coming, and just started dancing,” says Watson. “This good relationship was the thing for us all is impossible, not fun, dancing.”

“Your brothers only love,” he continues. “I still feel like we’re waiting to have a honeymoon, but only worship, they are at every opportunity.”

Bamboo is also a project successfully with other families across the country. This is Bostroms in Knoxville, Tennessee, to report that three of their older children, too, “dowry” of 4 years, Miley, approved in July 2014.

Rebecca Bostrom is with his daughter Miley in China

Courtesy Of Rebecca Bostrom

“She’s like the popular brother,” Rebecca Bostrom, 32, tells PEOPLE. “The hardest part was when they brought us home. Her brothers were so excited, you know, you brought all the toys in the house! She’s completely overwhelmed, not because she was just used to that most of the attention.”

Fifteen months later, since its arrival in the UNITED States, Miley is one of four children loves. “Now I won’t, tons and tons of children,” Bostrom, he says. “His brothers to play with it, break in the back yard and she loves her toys, typical things younger sister.”

This is the Bostrom family

Courtesy Of Rebecca Bostrom

This is Bostroms looking forward to the new addition to your family that you plan to have other special needs adoption in March. Family like Bostroms and Watsons share their adoption stories at every opportunity, hoping that it will inspire others to follow your example.

A group of parents, bamboo in meeting the family: Jared with Elijah (5) in new York, Edward, Adeline (4) and Samuel (4) from Michigan, Randall with her daughter Aila (3) in Virginia, Patrick and Eleanor (3) Georgia, with Jeffrey Miley (4) from Tennessee, and Daniel with Emi (3) Minnesota

Courtesy Of The Bamboo Project

Watson said her daughter was inspired by the history of adoption four.

“Amy has been in your home for one year and his story already has four children, the families helped,” said Watson. “I can’t say that in my life I got a big influence – my daughter literally saved four people.”