VIDEO: 2015 Pop culture trends, you don’t Need to Continue in 2016

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We last holidays and now I sit, by the end of 2015, hoping for a new year and all the ways that will bring you. However, there are things we can do to make sure that the new year is a good year. We want to start some of the most annoying things that you don’t need, in 2015.

1. The man bun

Joaquin Phoenix, Alex Ebert and Jared Leto

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2015 will be remembered as the year in which a handful of guys decided to stack hair on the top of the head, without mercy, do you have enough time lock or attempt hair? And then a thousand each column Trend Watch said it was one thing that you know? And all Summer it’s Jared was to blame? It remains to wait how the future will judge us, but all we can say that it is concerned only one thing that a common man bun…

2. People who hate man bunSure, so the man ‘you deserve a little more attention, but people are talking about the man bun has never been as bad as people who will actively complain about, to grumble about it to mention angry, how many people have buns that recently seen in nature. If you really want to go the man bun (or any other moron trend), just ignore, but actively to go, just remind everyone that it exists.

3. Frames
We blame Taylor swift for the delivery over the edge, the clip “bad blood”, but that average Joes and Jane on Instagram, led on earth suddenly decided that your morning power-walking group was also shot. If Taylor swift, surrounded by a strange who’s who of pop culture, and they’re all great suggestions-Yes, then it comes to use “#template”. If you and the person hangs, however, it is likely that the more we deny #Group offriends or #social coworkers #squadron, despite the fact that the power to seek a day.

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