12-Year-Old Girl he ran down and Killed by car in Front of her sister while walking to school: reports

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12-year-old Long Island girl was killed on Monday, after you say, standing in front of the car, while walking to school, police, PEOPLE.

Gabriel Johnson was on foot Elmont Memorial Junior-Senior High School, when she tried to cross the road and was hit by one 38-year-old man driving a Nissan Rogue 2013. Johnson internal injuries and was taken to the Franklin General Hospital, where he explains later died at 8:52 AM, after Nassau County Police Detective John Lapine..

Johnson, a student in the seventh grade, was with his sister at the moment of collision, the girl’s older sister, Paula Johnson, told NBC 4 new York.

The driver remained on the scene after the accident, and the car was seized, brakes and inspections for safety, police said. Witnesses said according to ABC 7 that the man seemed to be speeding.

“There is no crime at this point,” Lapine said in a statement. “Investigation continues.”

“We are desperate, we were destroyed on the ground very,” Paula Johnson, sister, told NBC-4. “We lost our younger brother in 2002 because of a drunk driver, and now Gabby’s gone.”

A witness told NBC 4 new York came out when he saw Johnson begin to cross the road.

“I heard that the effects of the accident on the trip to hit girls,” neighbor Felipe he told Toussaint ABC-7. “Then I looked up and saw me, really the girl’s body fly through the air.”

Toussaint, 30, added: “He stopped in front of the body and slightly behind the car. Was there in their breaks in 20 feet.”

Elmont Memorial Junior-Senior High School failed to communicate immediately, from PEOPLE’s comments, but he told ABC 7 as the EA provides, students, and staff.

“We Express our deep condolences to the families of students who are in this difficult time,” schools superintendent, said in a statement.

The girls from ” aunt Christine rose told Newsday, were inseparable, and together went to school every morning. It is unlikely you had celebrating my 12th birthday in December.