At least 8 Dead as winter storm Drops record snowfall on the East Costa: “We have not around the corner’

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A huge and deadly blizzards swirled across the East coast Friday-Saturday – rely on at least eight victims and has put thousands of them on the roads and at airports – more time on the road, CNN, USA today and Reuters report.

After The Weather Channel, the storm system should clear itself off the coast on Sunday morning, before sunrise, and the sky, the temperature rises above freezing.

“We are not far off,” Baltimore head of administration of emergency Robert Maloney, told CNN. “I wouldn’t say that we never for a half.”

The storm system is so big that, in fact, difficult to overstate the size: According to the Associated Press, one of seven Americans to see six inches of snow from this storm Sunday, as in the Metropolitan area ranges from Atlanta to Massachusetts.

Washington, DC, prepared for the possibility of rapid snow more than 28 inches, according to bi-bi-si.

“I want to be very clear with the world. This great storm,” Washington mayor Muriel Bowser, said, according to Reuters. “This has implications on life and death and all the inhabitants of the district of Columbia should be treated that way.”

In the past eight drivers were registered, had died in a car accident during the storm with six in North Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky, according to CNN.

Will definitely be failed, there are figures in the conflict, and it could be coated to increase before the storm benefits: according to AP, the death of Stacy Sherrill, “their car was robbed, the road from ice, in Tennessee.”

“Your husband survived after the download from hours and ending with a 300-foot wave” AP reports.

The rear part of the signal path is covered with traces of ice than snow 22 until 2016, in Bowling Green, Kentucky falls in January.

Miranda Pederson / daily News / AP

While more than 85 million people in 20 States are concentrated in the winter warning, according to Reuters Agency, with reference to the weather channel storm effects varied widely, with the largest in Nevada and wind, DC and further North.

(Metro Atlanta, sad, paralyzed after a couple inches of snow to avoid during a storm in 2014, repeat on Friday).

The storm system although more difficult not brought strong winds and ice, ice was scheduled for Saturday, reports The Weather Channel – the increase in the probability of interruptions in the supply of electricity and other damages.

More 159.000 people were left without electricity in 13 States, according to CNN and 150 000 of them, the two were in Carolina.

While many residents have not seen in the emphatic state and local warnings to remain on the streets in the night from Friday to Saturday, other so lucky: CNN reports sections of the highway in Kentucky and Pennsylvania, were snarled Parking.

A young 17-year-old student named Claire Jackson described how you at your school bus, full of students, on the way from Washington to Kansas city, Missouri, was written in “absolute Still” from the night of Friday 8.

“I machine,” Jackson said. “All the risks to walk.”

Not everywhere? 3. Infantry Regiment of the UNITED States, also known as “the Old guard” honor guard at the tomb of the Unknown soldier at Arlington national cemetery.

“I’m going to keep everything within the boundaries of my post and have my post only when it facilitates the right thing.” #Blizzard2016

— The Old Guard (@The_Old_Guard) 22. January 2016

The guard on Friday, during a storm, the beginning and expected your messages over the weekend, as NBC New York.