Chris Hoy: The UK has a long way to go to become a nation of bicycle

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Sir Chris Hoy has said Britain has to go to a "massive" until there is a full-fledged nation biking, and feared that it could take in traffic accidents in politics more deaths, measures to improve safety in cycling.

Six-time Olympic champion said that Britain is going in the right direction with the bicycle safety, but the current climate could hold back the amendment. "No, you can always do to improve highway safety has become a problem, due to the popularity of cycling. – In a way that headlines and terrible accidents, to really get the attention of people who can take is to receive needed These decisions, which can improve the environment for cycling, "he said.

"I remember [former Olympic champion] Chris Boardman change proverb is painful and takes time, and it will be an easy process, and I think that's absolutely right. To get to the stage where we are, like the Netherlands, Denmark to obtain and Germany, where the bike set in the provision of roads, where there are plans in place for cycling, where it is avail bike paths, transitions, the objectives for all road users, the time integrated. "

A huge increase in cycling popularity in recent years in almost half of the UK population now own a bicycle led, more than 3 million people cycling at least three times a week and 750,000 people to go to work by bike, compared to 90,000 in 2001, according to the census.

Today, that has already been spoken of in The Independent on Sunday at the launch of her own range of bikes, said that the conversation had changed, such as bicycle safety moves the agenda.

"If the people in power, recognize the benefits of cycling, in terms of reducing congestion and improving the health of the nation seems like an obvious thing to do. – But then I'm a cyclist wants all – cyclists and drivers – getting from A to B as safely as possible, "he said. "Just the fact that it is being discussed in the national press, is a good start – we are making progress, but there is still a massive way to go.

"We are a small island very congested, but put another reason Cycling at the top., We reduce the number of other vehicles on the road and get more bikes on the road."

In 2012, more than 3,200 cyclists were seriously injured on the road. There were 122 deaths, including 13 children – a maximum of five years. The 2013 figures are compressed due in the coming weeks and bicycle safety groups for additional measures to make roads safer for Great Britain.

Speaking before the Tour de France July 5 starts in Yorkshire, questioned why today former teammate Bradley Wiggins runs from the orientation of the Tour de France.

"Everyone is disappointed. Everyone would like to see Bradley racing in the UK at the Tour, but I think we do not know what happens behind the scenes with the directors and the relationship between the teams," said.

"David [Sir David Brailsford, the former director of the British Cycling performance now CEO Sky] have the best chance to win the tour was with someone other than Bradley, who seems amazing when you think about it, have decided: let How can someone with his pedigree and performance? "

He added: "But there is always method in the madness of Dave's not to say he could not win with Bradley, in any way, all teams clamoring for someone like Bradley in his team, but Dave has made such a call with Chris Froome made., and the team at Chris he feels best able to assist you to win the Tour.'s a shame for the fans, but the sport is cruel.

"If Chris Froome is yellow on the last day on the Champs Elyse I think people forget that and say it was to make the right decision."