Denise Richards fighting for the care Charlie sheen pulls “As the teeth’: source

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Denise Richards says submitted $1.2 million in trial against ex-husband Charlie sheen, and a source that PEOPLE take measures to raise the protection of their children financially, the problems of helping the child sometimes.

After Richards, the demand, the brightness, 50 years old, has violated the provisions of the task set for him, for his children – Sam, 11, Lola, 10. But Shin’s lawyer Marty singer said that the demand is not that other, as “money, money, money, money”, before PEOPLE say that the actress received a $660,000 tax-free each year, for almost 10 years” on payments for maintenance, which in addition to the $10 million tyres derivatives 2005 divorce.

A source tells PEOPLE, “Denise filed a request to trust about the protection of children”.

“Charlie save costs, and children are the first to go, keep your lifestyle and what has been going on for a very long time,” says a source.

The source continued that Richards had to say problems for people taking care of brightness that he was “pulling teeth.”

Charlie sheen and Denise Richards 2005

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Richards fired, the singer says the suit was filed, for its own economic benefit, twitter on Friday that the lawyer is a Manager of the trust of the children and that he “needs to support the mother’s fighting for their unspoiled children. It’s your money and not mine, or your customers.” He added: “for @TMZ, your client owes me a huge balance. Wow thank u!”

After Richards, the demand, allegedly the brightness Lola of messages sent to short menospreciaba with his ex is written with “b—- could not speak in fire hot or get wet in the pool”.
Sheens earlier the lawyer said to the PEOPLE these messages are meant for Richard.

“The texts were Denise,” said singer. “It is very sad that you are not children, to Charlie more money and makes it almost impossible to see Charlie, his daughters.”

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