Kim kardashian West has Made peace With amber rose “Be an example” and avoiding “Funny ” drama”, Says a source

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Kim kardashian West and amber rose surprised fans, to make the world through Instagram selfie on Tuesday. Reconciliation comes a week after rose handle Kim’s husband Kanye West at the lack of respect for his young son, while Twitter rant against Wiz Khalifa.

A source tells PEOPLE kardashian West, began reconciliation with the rose, again from the West.

“Kim, her mother and wants to be a role model. She participates’t want to be ridiculous drama,” a source tells PEOPLE. “You have come too Yellow. She is recognized and all is well now.”

Amber rose (left) and Kim kardashian West

Source: Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Kardashian West, 35, with subtitles in Instagram photo, the duet “tea anyone?”

Kardashian West, man has peace with Khalifa, rose, ex-spouse shared with her son.

“I said yesterday Wiz,” West”, 38-year-old wrote on Twitter Tuesday in the lecture, he with Khalifa, 28.

The dispute between Kanye and Khalifa began last Tuesday, as the Caliph of the problem with the West, from the new album the waves were, initially as a whistle. The West, he replied, as he believed, unjustly -that explained Khalifa tweets – “hit it again and CC yourself” is about his wife, but later the Caliph, he referred to marijuana.

Education came too late for the West because of twitter Rose had insults (“you go “a trap,” said Khalifa), as well as the Governor rose and 23-month-old son Sebastian (“not to have a child, if it’s not for me”, “You are the shafts???? I am the owner of my son!!!!”).

De La ROSA, 32, was shot with a tweet of their own West it is assumed sexual preference (the West denied) and rose once again spoke out on the case – a podcast in which you speak was out West, about his son.

“I will never talk about the children that are in discussion,” he said. “It shows that person. Also he says things about my son that I don’t say still nothing about your children. I wouldn’t do it. This is ridiculous. You’re innocent. Say no, never, baby, never.”

The West finally, after rose in that moment, when on Monday, he wrote on twitter, “dream from God… he Never talks about children in new… … all the love and all the blessings…”