My 600 Lb life star Chad Dean Said That More than 700 pounds. It is a burden to His wife: “My life is Depressing”

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In more than 700 kg., Chad Dean is no longer capable of, even yourself.

“My wife take care of me and clean me, because I can’t do it for yourself. It’s humiliating,” the life of Dina says in an exclusive clip Wednesday episode of My 600 Lb.

Dean, 40 years old, obesity is considered pathological, and lost his job as a truck driver, which because of its weight. And that is to produce an effect greater than he – he can’t play with his two sons, and your marriage is far from what you are used to.

“The relations suggest that in order to give and take. I said” Dean. “Such a life is not marriage. No one should have to live. To take we have two children, and I feel that I was just a child, care. I feel very guilty, so.”

Grow, Dean was always the heavy kid in school”, and used it to strengthen his advantage on the football team of the school, where his nickname was “the 400-pound Dean-machine”. But he was secretly ashamed about their size, and went for food, According to convenience, to defeat time, your current weight after marriage with his wife, 32.

“I love him, but he can’t do anything” Reports, he says. “Don’t pay me any mind while he could not go to the point in the bathroom.”

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