One Duggar love: Amy (Duggar) and king Dillon to tell you my love story and Never-Before-Seen photos from the wedding

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Amy (Duggar) the betrothal of the king with her husband Dillon was very far from traditional.

The couple, who married in September last year, met through mutual friends and knew each other only as friends for seven years before starting a romantic relationship in 2014. And don’t say that you go in the first conversation too well.

“He insulted me. So they became” Amy, 29, tells PEOPLE in an exclusive video songs accompany the story this week. “Literally, he said, ‘Hey, I’m Dillon. What the hell are you talking about?’ So, right, bottom, in front of him he had another chance, as he was in the friend zone”.
However, Dillon, who is now 27 years old, she started with Amy and her family. There were a few bumps in the road, because he knew nothing about the family and never saw the family reality show, 19 kids and Count.

“I don’t know your religious beliefs,” he says. “Definitely don’t know what were strictly conservative as he was.”

Amy adds with a smile: “I wouldn’t say that. I would like to highlight, shock and burns, and they did it!”

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Amy Duggar on the cover of PEOPLE

Amy, the niece from the very conservative Jim Bob Duggar, showed PEOPLE that a number of timestamp before Dillon and began his courtship. But she said that Dillon was the only guy who remained, no matter what family crisis occurs.

“We didn’t know what was love,” she says, before declaring that his “transition friends Dating was not a walk in the Park”.

My first attempt at coupledom “very bad,” Dillon said, and they parted.

Finally we returned to collect promised, after eight months of Dating. Your participation was only two months, because Amy don’t want to wait 14 months to get married in September.

“I was like, ‘Oh, we’ll be playing in two months.’ So, we have,” she says. “It was beautiful”.