Pennsylvania pastor to hurt the defendant, impregnation of Underage girls Back in Ecuador on Sunday, officials Said

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Pennsylvania pastor accused for sexual violence has impregnated a young girl told authorities that he was to study in the United States Ecuador, Sunday, PEOPLE.

Detective Scott Pezick of the West Whiteland, Pennsylvania, police tells PEOPLE that James Malone, 33-year-old man, who was according to his lawyer in Ecuador for about two weeks, will be taken care of if they pass customs in the USA. Pezick says, wait for the police, to the detriment of Malone, who is married and the father of three children, a violation of institutional sexual aggression, to endanger the welfare of a child, corruption of minors and furnishing alcohol to minors.

Malone’s lawyer, Charles Proctor, he didn’t want the decision on tariffs. He says Malone was “absolutely cooperative” with authorities. Both Proctor and Pezick not to say that Malone’s trip to Ecuador was simply an attempt to escape; the Proctor said Malone was.friends in Ecuador and went to “think”, while his wife stayed home

When asked Malone a state of mind, the Proctor, he said, “will not have to risk of suicide.”

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Malone the alleged victim met when she was 12 years old, in the temple in Mesa, Arizona, according to the press release of the Ministry. If the alleged victims was 17, and Malone were inappropriate, Minnesota, Malone allegedly invited his family and he began sexual advances in her.

According to a press release, after Malone moved to Pennsylvania, and invited the intended victim of his family’s life. It is alleged that he began to fall attacks her sexually.

Malone was allegedly alcohol in twice and ill-treatment to her on this occasion, a press release said.

Pezick says the alleged victim, now 18-year-old currently in Arizona, where she is originally.

In the video, the pastor Explains his resignation Due to ‘Personal Affairs’ In the video explains his resignation, and was published recently on YouTube, Malone and his wife appealed to the municipality, in secular Calvary Fellowship Church in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

In the video, Malone said, “we are against some kind of the most important issues to me personally and for the family and us are actually very hard and difficult.”

He adds: “so, after much prayer and talk together … we decided to take a step back from the public vocational education for a while.”

He says that the couple is going through a difficult time, but adds, “But at the same time, we are already really looking forward to what God will do in us and in our lives, in our family, if we focus 100 percent of our time, in which you are calling”.

Bill Bateman, a pastor in the Church tells PEOPLE that the Church calls upon the laity, though they have come victim to Malone, “but [not] advance. This is bullish behavior, the robber has no right.”

Bateman said that when Malone stepped first, he said the leaders of the Church, a teenager, lives with you was pregnant, but “there was no claim that he’s the father.”

He said that if the alleged victim said Church, Malone was the father, “lead us immediately to the local authorities.”

Malone was the pastor of leadership development, team development volunteers care about the work of the Church, Bryce, – he says. “Loved to work with him – that’s why they were all caught by surprise,” he says.

Bateman said that if he could address the man,” i.e. Jake, even from what you’ve done. Come on back. And what will be the consequences, to pay in accordance with him, for him, and you go to live with her.’ ”