President Obama Seems not to be Too Worried about Donald trump and 4 Other things We Learned, YouTube interview

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What do tampons, Kendrick Lamar and Donald trump all have in common?

Answer: the President has an opinion about them.

On Friday afternoon, more than 37,000 people sintonizaron the White house YouTube page, to see how U.S. President Barack Obama, sitting in one of his interviews with three YouTubers – Adande “sWooZie” Thorne, Destin Sandlin (Everyday Smart) and Ingrid Nilsen (miss glamorazzi). Topics ranged from severity, as the threat of terrorism, a joy we feel at such times as the President to drop the fingers in Meek Mill vs Drake beef. The interview is rounded to five important things we learned.

1. He was from the race profile.In an interview with Thorne, who described himself a black man “that sometimes reveals the baseball cap brings back the” Commander-in-Chief that he would be taken some experience detained by the police.

“I am a black man [well],” said Obama, when asked about the supply of police accountability, abuse, or profile, of the race of people. “There were times when I was younger, where he was one of those things you don’t understand.”

While Obama not to go more in depth, his experience, he adds: “not to generalize” those who in accordance with the law, as he is vulnerable to violence or harassment of people of color.

“There were always bags of misconduct by police throughout the country, and we take seriously”, he continued. “I assure you, it was much worse […] it’s not that the situation was worse is that our consciousness has improved”. Obama added that he tried to promote his body from the camera, better education and more documentation of police activity, as well as meetings with some of the organizers of the community.

2. He doesn’t care about trump is still.Thorne asked Obama when he “is a disgrace to the American people” because of the often controversial things, he said Republicans the triumph of hope, and even elementary schools.

“I think it’s very early in the process,” he told trump. “It’s at the beginning of the contest that people used to see as a leader in the market because they are noisy and get a lot of attention.”

But it doesn’t seem to be concerned that profits will be elected, because he believes that people, as soon as you start the vote “less entertainment and serious issues.”

He added, “we will see how the primaries the Republicans sort themselves.”