Sarah Jessica Parker: The burger that changed our lives

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Sarah Jessica Parker, the food usually involves family.

And the family of actresses, including husband Matthew Broderick, son James  Wilkie and twins Tabitha and Loretta must, very happy with his last meal have: delicious, juicy burger.

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Following the example of the recent food item editor Sam Sifton New York Times to make the perfect burger, SJP has a sizzling cast released Instagram photo of two perfect patties Pana Ina (on the advice of Sifton).

"Graciassamsifton to change our lives. Everybody has never loved a burger so much. Evening I cooked it all by myself!" Shea delicious heading the shot.

Difficulty So why cast iron skillet? Sifton says, "if you like to cook from, you heat the pan on the fire of the grill, but never on the same grill. Goal is to facilitate the provision of beef fat gathering around the burgers as they cook, like a primitive Confit high temperature. "

For more helpful tips, urged Sifton teacher Burger Chew Michael Symon, steering clear of the "poor" Empanadas recommended. "You want to about 30 percent fat," Symon said, warning against Burger "contraction" and recommends home cooks try to mixtures containing 20 to 25 percent fat.

"The ration-bun-a burger is very important," advised Symon. "Â € œYou want a soft bun, like a challah or potatoes, but who uses it shouldnâ € ™ t overpower the burger. Should be as one.â €

To see the full recipe Sarah Jessica Burger cooked last night to see, click here.

â € "Michelle Ward,

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