Shawn Johnson: her DWTS Moves at My wedding! (Plus: their hopes on New Exercises)

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If you are in gymnastics competitions or dancing with the stars, Shawn Johnson is all about how under pressure. But if you took the dance floor on your wedding day, the gold medalist tells PEOPLE that you are looking to get the perfect result.

“We will probably be very traditional and has a step away from both,” Johnson said plans for his first ball, when you’re at home with striker Andriy East this spring.

Although the former Olympian and her DWTS season 8 champ a couple of videos recently to try a dance style to turn, she insists that you can keep things simple, at the wedding.

… after I @dancingabc we play lol @derekhough @Mark Ballas as possible?! #her DWTS

Published a video from Shawn Johnson (@Shawn Johnson) October 27, 2015 at 5:58am PDT

“Many of the dances that people will be there, so I’m a little scared! I think if we will try one choreographed dance, I would in the end very, very badly,” she says. “And even hysterically, because I’m not 5 meters in height and Andrew’s six-foot-three, so it’s not the easiest situation!”

In addition, Johnson, what you want, you can save time for the practice of another project where you will look forward to returning to the gym.