Shawn Johnson Opens Up About Your Eating Disorders: “I Eat 700 Calories A Day’

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Olympic champion and dancing with the stars champion Shawn Johnson looked more than grueling practices and the grow wild competition as an elite gymnast she felt this pressure to comply with “view” – slim gymnast, she sometimes borders on their diet is 700 calories a day.

“I was always very strong, strong, muscular, bulky gymnast and I felt that the people I always wanted to be thinner and lighter and thinner,” she tells PEOPLE. “Up to 12 years, the only way that I truly understood how to ensure that they eat less and limit yourself. I remember that the type of obsessed with it.”

Johnson represents a very restricted diet to lose weight.

“I’ve come so far, literally nothing to eat carbohydrates. I allow to eat one noodle soup,” she says. “The moment has come, when my body was closed. I was on a diet where he can eat 700 calories a day – all the way to the end of the Olympic games in 2008.”

While Johnson knew that her habits were problematic, they’ve never been officially diagnosed with the eating disorder.

“I never went to the doctor, I talked with a psychologist or been diagnosed as anorexic, but I certainly was Intrusive and had a very unhealthy habits,” she says. “I’m sure it’s been diagnosed with something, but I never came”.

Looking back, she says, she restricted calories, and probably affect his performance.

“I feel that my body was so used, conduct and practice in the conditions that was all that I could,” she says. “I could probably have done better, and have a bit more energy, if I have, I’m even better.”

Johnson acknowledges that made it hard for his parents, struggled with attempts to feed them a balanced diet, and maintains a strong desire to succeed in the sport.

“It was hard with my parents to see her 12-year-old daughter, going through this,” she says. “That was certainly a concern for her. I came home after practice, my father would make me French toast or pancakes – all he knew he could not resist, to calories in me.”

Johnson is a desire to be thinner, came that she thought the judges in anticipation of a gymnast. “Then the judge liked the look very bad and thin was a gymnast, artistic, stylish and powerful, than even for me,” she says, showing she felt enormous pressure to transform his body that he wasn’t.

It was a sweet victory when she won the gold medal in 2008 for the balance beam event.

“It was certainly a great sense of pride that came with it,” she says.

After the Olympic games were, Johnson left his obsessive eating habits and won with 20 kg. But in March 2009 there was approved a new push into the spotlight as a competitor in her DWTS when it came under the control of the audience.

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