The Spencer sisters answer: All About Princess Diana from the Lovely (and Social know – the media!) Niece

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Blood answer-blue, red-heat from high society, her aunt, the late Princess Diana.

The Spencer sisters, their father of Diana, brother of the owner of manor and writer, Charles Spencer, 51 years, the establishment has a strong profile in recent years in social networks. The trio closes wife kitty, 25 and 23 years, female twins Eliza wife Kate and Amelia (mainly known by his second name). His younger brother Ludwig, Viscount althorp estate, 21, a student at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Young women (in the dash, in the center of attention cousin Prince William in 2011 at the wedding of Kate Middleton with her impressive hat) and Louis the sons of Charles and his first wife Victoria Lockwood, a former model and now an addiction Counsellor in Cape town, South Africa.

Traveler Kitty, traveled to Australia, Italy and in the main tourist centres of Ibiza town and San Tropez last year and served as the bride in South Africa for New year, was, with the Australian time reporter James Tobin, 35.


Socialite, often offers a glimpse into his life, glamorous, on Instagram, the Ambassador of love, We have no time to support families who join the military and again after implementation of the travel offers shortly by sponsors.

Twins Amelia and Eliza the participation of the University in Cape town where you grew up, sending their children to a very difficult and public divorce in 1997.

While kitty is the eldest, went to the crime and stated that she believes that her brother Louis, as the first heir of the family seat, althorp estate great House. Ideal image property, the burial place of Princess Diana, where they, historically, writer Charles Spencer live mainly.

Last month Emirates Melbourne Cup – what an auspicious day in this era!

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“I’m all for gender equality,” kitten,” said December 2015 the theme of a bright magazine Tatler. “But I am very happy that this was my brother’s responsibility. I think it’s just the right way.”