Then Khloé Kourtney kardashian Taught, ‘Stand your Ground Says’ in a relationship

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The kardashian-Jenner ladies, you certainly know a thing or two about love in the spotlight.

In a new post on its website and app on Monday, Khloé Kardashian opens up about what he taught each of the women in his famous family and acquaintances.

“I love that my tribe consists of many strong women! We are all really different people in our lives, from the opportunities very differently, especially when it comes to relationships,” writes Khloé, 31. “It’s very good, because I know that I was always mom or my sister, if I need a new perspective on the problem. I learned a lot about love, from observations that do their job.”

First Khloé says she learned “just” the matriarch and momager Kris Jenner.

“Chris, no matter what people think – she’s ALWAYS been 100% true to myself and my heart,” Khloé says Chris, 60 years old, was admitted with Corey Gamble, 35 years old, about a year. (Divorced Caitlin Jenner, formerly known as the Bruce, in 2014, after 22 years.)

“Especially now, when they are with Cory, I see this attitude, and I LOVE, HAHAHA!” Khloé, he adds. “Chris has taught me, is only the consequence of my heart.”

Than her older sister, Kourtney kardashian, 36, Khloé stand your ground says that she learned that it is important, always.””

“Courtney is not the one who. She is on the ground and this amazing power in their decisions spoke,” Khloé. “You are to be-Courtney showed me how important it is yourself above all!”

(Courtney the end of your relationship with a nine years relationship with Scott Disick, the 32-year-old in July after he was photographed, to communicate with another woman in Monte Carlo. Together share three children, and within a few months after Disick renovation was completed and, it seems, strongly, with the education of their children and to stay sober, but both together are not.)

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