‘Abundance’ teen Ethan coffee drop to argue against extradition back to the United States, Says lawyer

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Within a few days, Ethan Couch was again on American soil.

The lawyer makes Mexican 18-year-old Texan named “surplus ” teenager”, from the media PEOPLE have confirmed that their client withdrew his appeal against deportation from maneuvers, a judge confirmed on Tuesday morning.

After a few weeks on the run with his mother Tonya couch, was caught by police late last month in the Mexican city of Puerto Vallarta.

Couch was 16 when he killed four pedestrians in a 2013 accident through driving while intoxicated. The teenager was released from prison and conditionally sentenced, after his counsel argued that their clients suffer from “affluenza” because his wealthy parents.

Researchers in Texas claim the sofa, and his mother was on the run shortly after the potentially incriminating video footage appeared on Twitter shows a teenager attends a party where alcohol and played games.

The couch 10 years ‘ probation – a sentence, you should not drive a car, use drugs or drink alcohol.

Fernando Benitez, a sofa, a lawyer, said PEOPLE of your customer “being stood up yesterday,” means “there is no legal obstacle that he is deported from Mexico to the United States.”

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Benitez is not to say that you will be asked to offer its customers a solution that is his calling, but he is on the sofa, was able to return to the United States to finish after Mexican aliens procedure expulsion and logistics”.

Benitez said that they are without date, we hope on the sofa for the upcoming birth, but tells PEOPLE, “that he returned to Texas in the coming days.”

The bailiff Federal tracking the sofa and his mother, Mexico the apartment where one of them uses a mobile phone for ordering food.

Sofa mother was accused by Texas authorities and hindering apprehension, his son, was a fugitive and in the beginning of this month at $75,000 dollars Deposit.

Conditions of issue the call for the sofa, cuff the use of electronic surveillance. Also you have to live in his eldest son at home, the judge ruled.