As Charming? To teach the children from school, the Andre Agassi tennis lesson

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He broke into the tennis scene in 1986, complete with long, grinding, hair dryer, sharp head, with two hands and a fresh set (image is Everything). Along 21-year career Andre Agassi, 45 years old, has won eight Grand slam and became one of the most popular athletes of his generation. These days, however, he is in another kind of game.

Agassi has a partnership with silicon valley-based technology company, space Panda, promotion Panda square in phonetics Playset, entertaining and interactive training, uses phonetics to teach children aged two to eight.

How it works: your child takes the code for colors, letters of the alphabet, and puts it in a box to form a word, then the tablet to pronounce any combination of letters that creates a child. Agassi recently visited one class to test the tablet with several children, and it was as much of the blast as they were, distribute the five years of high verbal (“you’re a big spell!”) and offer you some useful tips (“W – W right!”).

“I am interested in everything connected with school,” says Agassi of the PERSON. It is not a joke. In 1994 Andre Agassi Foundation for school, which helps get disadvantaged children to get an education to begin with. Since inception of the Fund, more than $ 180 million of funds to improve public education in the UNITED States on donations

In 2001, Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy, school, Charter opened in Las Vegas. Society real estate Executive Bobby Turner was translated about 50 of the Charter schools that will be built in the country, with plans for development up to 130 additional schools in the next five years

A large part of Agassi’s passion for the school is personal. Tennis Academy at age 13 he always felt that they were sacrificed to the success of their education in search of tennis.

“I wasn’t in my life,” he says. “I focused only on tennis. And the thought of what could happen if I wasn’t overwhelming successfully.”

Of course, Agassi’s story has a happy ending – both on the court and beyond. He and his wife, former tennis player Steffi Graff, have been married for 14 years and they have two children, aged 14 years, son Jaden and 12 years, daughter Jaz. The couple have joint efforts are not pressing any of his sons activities, but rather we find out for their own interests.

“My son plays baseball seven days a week and my daughter dances hip-hop,” says Agassi, who adds that he and Graff “to keep a high level in everything that you do,” jobs and training, including VAT.

“Our children had a great school,” says Agassi. “My goal is that the same tools in the hands of other children. With school, there is hope and have a future of their choice.”