Crazy Ex-girlfriend Rachel bloom Calls them “Contradictory messages women’

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Both in and outside of their show Crazy Ex-girlfriend Rachel bloom uses the mood to fight double standards women face.

“The program we get conflicting messages women, but it’s funny because glorified women, young, ‘Oh, your age, you looks so young!!!!’ However, if they are found, plastic surgery is ‘Oh, these fake bitch! She had plastic surgery!’ “Flower, star, co-Creator and author of the show tells the Huffington Post.

“What do you expect from people if we don’t, we can tell you if it is under the faucet, and then go and Botox and always you it’s like, ‘Oh, why don’t you!’ ”

Bloom, 28-year-old footballer, who recently took home a Golden globe and Critics’ Choice Awards as best actress in a television Comedy, he, “says this endless sort of balance.”

“It’s hard. Double discourse and a dual morality,” she says. “It’s like, to be honest but not too honest. A fresh new look and a person young, but they do not tell us how he got there. God forbid, she plastic surgery, although we say, ‘Oh, you look old.” Woman, career, but also why are you without children? They are kind of cold shrew?’ ”

Gold is Sexy: song.

Published a video from Rachel Bloom (@racheldoesstuff) 10. January 2016 at 1:21pm PST

Bloom says that to avoid his role as a writer in the CW reference, some of the reviews, from the Actresses face.

“I think the book and the creature feels like it gave me power over what feels like one of the ways for me to take control of their own picture,” she says. “I believe in my heart, I am not a writer, to be an actor, because the authors want about the looks, only need that side.”

“I’m still not in the place that is best for jokes, which is better for my waist we can see in this top.”